Watts question:Alpine PLZ HELP!!!!!!


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http://ecominet2.alpine-usa.com:7777/pls/admn/item_info1a?p_item_name=MRD-M300&p _category=40&p_subcategory=140&p_main=10&p_more=y

hi guys i have this amp... when i check the configeration of this amp it says 300W x 1 (2ohm 14.4V)
and 150 X 1 4ohm.. i have no clue what that means but i sure would wanna get a ni eloud sound so 300 X 1 thats one but wat is this ohm thing guys. some guy told me that me ran that amp but it wasnt pounding.. sanother guy ran it but it was pounding with him .... how can i get a loud sound, loudest sound, the best sound or performance from this amp
ps plz explain thi ohms..:S

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it depends on what sub you have...what is the specs on the sub you have if you have one?

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well no man i do not have a sub... what kinda sub should i buy ... te one which would possibly pound?? and whats this 300w X 1 with 2ohms whats 2 ohms?

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or do i need like a sub with 2ohms? so if i run 2ohms sub then i would get 300 wats and if i run 4ohms then i would get 150 watts? is that what it means

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Ohm is a measure of impedance on the line. Think about it as how difficult it is for the amp to push power to a device. The lower the ohms the easier it is for the amp to power it. so a 2ohm sub that used 300w RMS power would take full advantage of the amp.

As far as buying a sub that's kinda up to you, how much you want to spend, and if you have problems buying stuff off ebay. if you're just looking for the bass "feel" you'd probably do well to get a single 12" if that's the only amp you'll run.

More information on amps and all that it's probably not a bad idea to read up on it all at http://www.crutchfield.com/ in their help section.

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That amp says that because they want you to think it's better than it really is. This is not a top of the line amp. Most amps will push more watts with lower ohms. Because the residences is less. The lower the ohms the more current the amp will draw and the harder the amp has to work. This makes more heat in the amp.
RMS Power at 14.4V
into 2 ohms : 300W x 1
into 4 ohms : 150W x 1
This means with a 2ohm load the amp puts out 300 RMS watts at 14 volts so they say. They list no THD % so that 300 RMS at 14 volts could be high THD over 3%. If it was that's clipping. Most cars put out 12 volts off and 13.5 volts or more running. To get the most out of that amp you need a 2ohms load. You can get one 2ohm sub or one dual voice coil 4ohm sub and wire it down at 2ohms. With a 2ohm load that amp might do 150 RMS but I could be wrong. This amp has a lot of setting on it. You need to have all the stuff set right also to get low bass. (Low Pass Crossover, Parametric EQ Frequency, Subwoofer Level Adjustment Range, and some more setting the site says.

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