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Ppi art seriesVincent Vang5
Best amp 600-800 watts 4 ohmslucas beckner9
Audiobahn A8000T Reliable?howie feltersnatch42
This good for atlas?Anonymous1
Zapco reference vs. arc audio xxkJonathan3
Kicker Amp kx600.1Anonymous1
Amp cutting outRyan Connolly16
Amplifier BridgingBrandon riddell2
For sale........Brandon riddell2
Will this workVincent Vang3
US Acoustics Amps?Sevin713
Good Amp/Good Deal!!L@@KSevin74
4 channel amp a good idea?joe ruskowski1
Earthquake Amps... not just for SPL burps?TraGedy5
Wire 2 amps together?Brandon riddell4
What amp do i needRDS116
Amp/Sub pair up......check it outJoe Smoe7
About a carSubfanatic9
Frequency...David Brunner4
Amp RMS questionDavid Brunner7
I need helpkiller2
Amp shoot out flameskiller18
Which Amp?RDS114
Some adviceJames Longo3
Bazooka ampJames Longo2
Setup questionJames Longo6
Amplifier pricesJames Longo6
Sound storm ampscuspid fo life3
Can someone help configure a systemMax S.13
Amplifier pricesJeremy Edwards3
Is the Audiobahn a4002t any good??Vincent Vang6
Which ga. wire for audiobahns a12001dt amp?James Longo3
Check it out. selling ppi and jl audio amps on ebay.Vincent Vang5
Cant get amp to workAnonymous1
Wrong Amp Wires??MO10
Two 12 versus One 15Eric Velkoverh8
Need 700 watt amp for 200 or lessallende54
Hifonics amp any good Anonymous3
Escalade, Diamond Audio and he ruined it with Audiobahn.Sevin73
My amp's max gain doesn't match the headunit!Jexxen Trivic2
Lets try this again...howie feltersnatch11
1 ohm load on a non-stable amp?Sevin74
Sealed or Ported BoxsJonathan13
Rockford RF X6?? WTF??Isaac9
What kind of amp???xtant10015
Bad ebay experiencehowie feltersnatch13
Question James Longo6
Please help need amp for 2 kickerslucas beckner4
More spllucas beckner14
12 Volt Amplifier FAN ? MO1
Amplifier questionDavid Brunner2
Amplifier pricesDynOmite3
What is SubsonicDavid Brunner7
Need 2ohm bridged 600wrms or 2x300wrms 4ohm mikechec95
No Canadian Zapco Dealers?Isaac4
What amp would be better for this system??Anonymous1
2 channel or 4Anonymous2
Anyone know a way to secure an amp without screws?telef10
Need help with amp out putJake Davis3
Please helpIsaac Weissenberger4
Please helpIsaac Weissenberger2
Orion 2100 HCCA!!Isaac2
Someone please check my shopping list before I buy.David Brunner2
800 watt fosgatequinton simms4
I cant decide?lucas beckner2
Setting up system for my new carlucas beckner3
Help!!!!!lucas beckner3
Amp heatlucas beckner5
Alpine or kicker?lucas beckner3
Want to improve my systemlucas beckner7
FOR SALE: 15" Eclipse Titanium Sub and ampMO12
HIFONICS BRUTUS BX1500D ???taylor172
Interfire IB2900C question?Subfanatic3
2 12" kenwood 800 watt peak powerkingdave2
Just a ?Kyle Kampschroer13
Alpine 3555 AmpSteve Becher1
Newb QuestionPaul Panzarella1
System advice?Brandon Reddish3
What do settings on amp mean?David Brunner5
Which amp for Audiobahn AW1051T 300 what RMS DVC?E3
Amp install with Stock StereoE3
Amplifier help...Shawn2
Wiring a cap?Jeepo4
$1000 for entire systemxtant10016
MTX 81000d & MTX 1501d...whats the difference??Dan Goodavish3
Alpine unit any good?captmorgan891
Power my 4 10'sJames Longo9
Wiring ConfusionZach Arritt5
Brax vs Zapco ampsJonathan17
Need help on amp selectionAnonymous1
Switching SpeakersJohn Smith4
Plz help real quickE5
Damn, amp got stolen, After 3 days. Tim23
Amps: quality vs. quantityBEISCHEL3
Finally got the Orion HCCA 225g4 / Isaac and JamesMO20
Wondering if this amp would work?Jeff O Conner1
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