No Canadian Zapco Dealers?


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Username: _andrew_

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I feel cheated.
Canadians like to boom, too... Without having to deal with customs.

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Tell that to the Liberals. They might care if they weren't so busy stealing money from the tax payers and rewarding their friends.
The free trade act was suppose to make it easier and cheaper to purchase but I don't see it.
The GST cr@p was suppose to reduce prices, but I don't see that either.
Then you have CrappyShop and CrappyBuy selling $350 RF amp for $899 plus 15% taxes. Talk about a rip off.
Because CrappyBuy owns CrappyShop, they make sure there is no competition between them.
If Canada didn't have free medicare, it would be the "land of the crooks".

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Username: _andrew_

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Tell me about it. I can't deal with paying such a huge markup - Buying from the states wouldn't be as bad, but then you have to deal with shipping. The exchange rate isn't too bad, but damn, it costs an arm and a leg to try and ship audio equipment across the border - Especially when dealing with subs.
What's a canuck to do?

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Vote non Liberal! I can't believe Canadians are that stupid. These guys stole tax payer's money and helped themselves and friends. If you look at the poles, more than half the Canadians will still vote for Liberal. I don't get it.
If that happened in the states, the whole party would've been lynched.
No wonder why American companies want to set up shop here. Look at Walmart and CrappyBuy.
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