Need help with amp out put


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i just got a brutus hifonics 1605d and a 15"xxx installed. problem is that the output is so low i can barely hear it. the only time it starts to pound pretty loud is when i put hte bass eq on the amp to full and the HU subout to full. i dont think the bass should be this low. Also when I i do have everything on full the sub barely moves, i mnot sure if thats how its supposed to be or not. anyone have any ideas whyt this would be happening? maybne a short can be causing it or something? maybe its not wired correctly? everytime i get out of my car i get shocked pretty bady, could this be related.

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LOL, you get shocked when you touch your car!? I would safely say that you probably have something touching metal in your car that is not supposed to. I would go back through and check all the wiring you installed. I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it's what your gonna have to do. Also check that you didn't screw up the polarity when you were hooking up your sub. That can make subs sound pretty crappy.

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Yea running double digit amounts of Amps through your body usually isn't a great idea. In fact, that can kill you, so check that out.
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