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Ok, Im buying a amp that runs at 1500W RMS when running at 2Ohms, with this amp i am going to power two Kicker L5's running at duel 2Ohms wired in series. My question is this, when running two amps off a single channel, does the amp output get divided between both subs equally? in other words would each sub get 750Watts or does it work some other way.
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I just want to make sure that im not going to blow my subs if i run it at full power.


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Yes it would get divided equally. But with subs I think you would be better off with the 4 ohm version sub. That way you coul use series/parrallel wiring to run a safe 4 ohm load that would leave you at 1200 watts to the subs. The 2 ohm sub would drop that amp to 1500 rms which would over power the subs a lil bit.

One other thing I dont know your budget but for the money they want for the boss amp you could shop around for something a lil better. Heres a link to a Hifonics amp which is a lil better in quality %26 This way you'll get a better amp and pay less.

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Why is that Hifonics amp better then the Boss amp i listed? By the looks of it all it does is run at a lower RMS at differnt Ohms. Also the Peak on the two subs im going to buy is 1200(600RMS) so even if they are getting 750 each it wouldnt be that big of a deal right?

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Dude stay away from Boss, they don't make good amps at all. The Hifonics is cheaper and better quality.

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what he is saying is don't get fooled by how many watts the amp "says" it puts out. it's over rated and bad quality. which means the amp won't have a long life span, it will dissapoint you in the end. if your budget is low, there are still other choices out there.

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so what would you reccomend to power those two subs with a budget of about $250?

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That Hifonics amp or something like a JBL 1200.1.
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