1 ohm load on a non-stable amp?


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my freind was running a 2 ohm stable amp to two dual 4 ohm subs today. He normaly has it to one dual 4 ohm sub, wired in parrallel which gives him a 2 ohm load. Today he was messing around w/ his freinsd sub, and he wired both to his amp, both subs are dual 4 ohm, he doesnt know what he is doing, so he just spliced the wire and ran it 2 both subs. If im not mistaken , since both subs were already wired for a 2 ohm load, this would make a 1 ohm load. And mess up the amp, but for some reason it acutaly worked, and the 2 subs with half power each was louder than one with twice as much power. please explain?

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When you are lowering resitance further than the manufacturers claims/recommendations, you are effectively increasing the power output to the subs, while at the same time increasing distortion, heat output, and overall load on the amp/power supplies.

So in effect, he has (theoretically) doubled his amps output at the expensive of heat, distortion, and most of all *longevity*.

In this case, the two subs are not actually receiving half the power, because the resistance was halved. The amp is now straining (hence my comments earlier) to provide the same amount of power, but to BOTH subs.

Chances are either the distortion has increased exponentially, or the amp will get so hot it will shut off, and maybe even fail.

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what kind of amp was it?

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amp was a RF p3001, and 2 Punch level 3 subs with dual 4 ohm coils, here is the amp: 10063526&CategoryDesc=Punch%20Amplifiers
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