Which amp for Audiobahn AW1051T 300 what RMS DVC?


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Hey, Right now I have my Audiobahn 10" in a bandpass box hooked up to my RF 301x bridged at 150 watts RMS at 4 ohms. The sub is DVC 300 watt RMS each coil. K, the problem is- it's not hitting hard at all. I'm assuming it's the amp, so does anyone have a suggestion of an amp that will make this baby hit? Hopefully not too expensive... THANKS!!

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no its the sub... those things are weaker then shitt, you have the aw1051t or something like that right, well that sub is audiobahns most low end stuff, get a aw120t, 12 in sub you can get 1 on ebay for around $90 PLUS shipping, then just throw a soundstorm amp on it, i have that setup for about a year now and it is still running strong, but ya everyone else on here will tell you to spend thousands, but this will cost under $200

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Well I would have to disagree a little. Here is why, most prebuilt bandpass enclosures by their very design are not very good at reproducing lower bass(bass frequencies below about 40-35 hz) they were built to attract customers when listened to in a "showroom", another words they have frequency response "boosted" in the range of 50-60hz, which is not quality bass, which will give you a very "boomy" sound, but very little of the lower bass. Design/build a sealed/ported enclosure built to the recommended enclosure volume and tuning(if it is to be a ported enclosure) for your sub and bridge your amp to the sub and let us know how it now sounds, if it is still not "enough for you" THEN you can upgrade to a higher quality sub. It is one of the reasons I dont like prebuilt bandpass boxes. Now that doesn't mean that all bandpass boxes are necessarily bad, you could design a bandpass box that will have awesome output, (3-4 db over a ported design and 7-9 db over a sealed design!) but the trade off will be that the enclosure will be bigger than a ported enclosure, in some cases twice as big as a standard ported enclosure, but if you only have one sub then a properly designed 6th order bandpass enclosure may be the ticket!
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