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Owner ref guide for orion 2100 hccaJames Longo6
Is this possible.Sevin74
How many watts?Fishy30
Bridging a kicker 2ch amp questionFishy4
Gain Problems????????HELP NOWWWW ANYONERobert2
What gauge wire do i use for amp and subs?Fishy10
Calling ALL Experts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Subfanatic3
Is my amp dead?? Help!Fishy2
Confirmation on the new Camaro's!Isaac49
Help with install my amps.julio marcano9
What size SpkrsSevin72
700 RMS @ 2 ohmsMO4
Hey Isaac!James Longo11
Jonathan or anyone else with exp. from woofersetc.comRyan McCook4
Big amplucas beckner8
Orion 600D ampInvictuz6
Alpine MRD-M500Jim2
The Elusive 70-Amp MAXI-FUSEE-Down6
Help with my ampjulio marcano3
Higher price, lower power/lower price,higher powerFishy7
Car audiojohn411
Mustang Mach 460 amp/sub problems (no sound) Kurtis1
Help...Amp is on but wont play subs!!KICKERKRAZY3
Triple 10" box - I would love to have your opinion!Isaac Weissenberger17
Where can I find a 16 pin connector for a JVC KD-G300tyler1
Db driver ampsKICKERKRAZY1
Eclipse's ea3422 5V input sensitivity too low for 8V cd8454 HU?Peter Otto3
!HELP! on Amplifer with my Kicker CVR Comp 12''Bonnie5
Hifonics amp connectionNemanja Veselinovic1
Gain question?Jay B.4
I want to learn moreSasarai1
CrossFire VR1000D / who has one or knows about it?MO8
What do you think?Fishy11
Glasswolf help!!?Loc_out6
Glass, Sub, Isaac, Johnathan, Help? Isaac5
What is a good amp for 60a fuse rating?Scotty9
Ok...Im putting all my questions into this thread....Plz help.Jake Davis6
HeyDarren T Wojtowicz2
This is way of topicIsaac4
Can anybody tell me why my amp wont go off safe mode?Isaac2
How would you rate this?Anonymous1
Rockford Fosgate Power T15004Darren T Wojtowicz2
Recomendations please...aiden lennox3
My are mono amps good?Knacko2
Everyone, help me choose which one!!Aaron Hobbs6
Hifonics ZX7500 Zeus SeriesStevie doo1
How are the infinity D amps?Fishy5
***SOUNDSTREAM JUNK?????? ***Fishy3
WHAT FREQUENCY should i set my amp and crossover to???Brandon3
WHAT DO U THINK ?mike duntly3
Pyramid pb444x amplucas beckner3
Power Acoustik a1800db???Dan Goodavish3
Help....What is the fuse rating?Fishy9
Inline Fuse Question...HELP!!!Sevin74
Do you think this will be a solid setup?>Mike Loudon4
Best amp to push Boston Pros???Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Amp to power Solo X 12Anonymous2
Bd 1000quinton simms1
Buying new ampBryce Mitchell3
Fuse Keeps BlowingDavid Nolen26
Is this a good amp for my truckAlan Girard2
Anyone know what amp I can get that is...Scotty14
Another alternator? What do you think?Dan Goodavish3
Glasswolf! or anyone that know electronics internally!freedom10
Input signal?sciroccowner4
Amp gain setting??Aaron Hobbs3
Isaac/Glass/Anyone Need wiring help???Henry Padilla14
HIFONICS??Henry Padilla3
Amp and portable mp3Fishy2
Interfire Amps for sale need help!! PLEASE!!Barbra Crain1
2 channel amp to 1 sub, series or parallelvictor maso3
Odd impedance?Fishy2
Amp to run w6v2xtant100132
Good amp?xtant10013
Decent amps for a reasonable price.xtant10015
Whats the bestxtant10012
Amp helpxtant10012
Friend Right About Cap?Jeepo1
Infinity Reference 1211a Amp!Dan Goodavish1
Good/Bad Amp Listinfinitylova19
Don't know what amp i need.Stevie doo7
Need a amp and I'm just a starterFishy11
Which of these 3 amps? lukasz S1
Zapco C2K 6.0 / Avalanche 15 / Jonathan,Isaac,JamesMO37
What amps should I use?xtant100114
Question about wiringAnonymous1
Tell about ampsinfinitylova2
System Done (Except for amp)taylor174
The clock on this forum is 1 hour SLOW!!!taylor174
Amp for 2 15" punch stage 2'sSubfanatic5
Older RF amp for saledb-bass3
Need some help please....Isaac2
2 subs to a mono amp?Isaac7
Interfire Amps. ISAAC, GlASS, experts!Subfanatic3
Alpine MRV-F540 won't turn onJesse Shieh1
Amp is 2 ohms, 6x9s are 4 ohms... help!?Isaac2
Why is this?marshall white2
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