Eclipse's ea3422 5V input sensitivity too low for 8V cd8454 HU?


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This is my first post, and I'd like to start off saying how helpful you guys have been (Glasswolf, Johnathon in particular). Its just terrific to go into a store with a bit of confidence.

Anyway, I have a hatch type car from in which I want to put a good system. I want clear SQ. No piercing highs, no sloppy bass that annoys people. Just great quality sound of a modest volume (but able to crank every now and then) with bass to round things off only.

I have pretty much decided on most of the setup. Mostly Eclipse.

HU: A CD8454 or even CD8455 (I love the new layout - yeah I know that makes me shallow).
Fronts: SC8362 components on the front (amplified of course).
Rear doors: Stock 5.25" speakers in the rear doors running off the HU or the midbass speaker (tweeter to be removed) from the Alpine SXS1757's that are currently splitting my head apart with their piercing treble.
Subs: I've turned the subs way down in all the stores I've visited. Not off, just down. I just want to round off the sound. I also want a small enclosure for the sub, if I get a sub at all. So I was hoping to get away with a 10" JL Audio 10W0 in a 0.7cuft sealed box (though I read they're boomy, which I HATE) or say 2 6" JL 6W0 speakers. I am almost certain I shouldn't admit this, but I even heard a JBL GT100D that I liked, but I think I might need more power for that. I understand the enclosure has to traverse the whole width of the car and the sub face into the vehicle, which means a custom box, which I'd hope to avoid if I could but whatever.

I'm writing too much I think. Sorry. I've been too caught up in this and want to settle things.

Anyway, the main reason for the post is that the HU I am looking out pushes out that nice clean 8V signal, but the Eclipse EA3422 amp specs say its input sensitivity is 0.2-5V only. Surely it would work with the HU I am looking at but my question is would I be better off with say the JL Audio e4300 with its 0.2-8V input sensitivity (but higher THD)? Are either of these amps strong enough anyway for what I have described I want? Should I get the PA5422 for an extra $230 US Dollars like the sales guy says even though I don't want to invest further than this and I don't want to compete?

Thanks for just reading all this crap from me, and a million thanks for any help you can give.

OK, time now for more beer. Cheers to you all, and sorry if that took too long to read. Cheers, Skyblue.

(PS: the car was sold as the 2002 Holden Astra hatchback in Australia, or Vauxhall/Opel Astra in UK/Euro. Not sure if its sold in the US but it'd be a General Motors vehicle if it is).


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If you're looking for super SQ, I'd look at Image Dynamics IDQ subs, the IDMAXs are kind of expensive.
Any amp will work with your head unit. Whenever you install everything, take it to a shop and have the gains set for you.
Both amps are quality amps, post the amps RMS and the component sets/coaxials RMS?
Let me know if I missed a question.

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Hi Jake, thanks for that! No I don't think you missed anything. My main concerns are a) do I have enough power for general use and b) the ea3422 eclpise amp has only 0.2-5V input sensitivity yet the HU I will get will push out 8V. Is that a problem? Am I losing anything if I get that one?

Eclipse EA3422 (sold by my preferred store for all the other equipment, I don't want to deal with 2 installers if I can help it):
With power supply of 13.8V:
4ohm - 50wrmsx4ch, THD 0.004%
4ohm bridged - 140wrmsx2ch, THD 0.008
S/N ratio 105db
Input Sensitivity: 0.2-5V

JL Audio e4300:
With power supply of 12.5V:
4ohm - 45wrmsx4ch
Rated Power (bridged):
150W RMS x 2 @ 4 ohm
90W RMS x 2 @ 8 ohm
THD: <0.08% @ 4 ohm (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Input Sensitivity: 0.2-8V

The more expensive one I've had recommended is an Eclipse EA5422. I'd rather not go that far financially, but also don't want to spend less money on something I won't like. The EA5422 has 85wrmsx4ch with input sensitivity of 0.2-8V.

The front components:
Eclipse SC8362: 200W music handling, 100W continuous
The subs (intended for small sealed enclosure to only round off the sound):
JL audio 10W0: available in 4 or 8ohm - 125W continuous power handling. Single coil.
JL audio 6W0: available in 4 or 8ohm - 75W continuous power handling. Single coil
JBL GT100D: 2 or 8 ohm configurable. Continuous power handling 250W. Dual coil

with thanks, skyblue
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