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Kicker CVR12Rickey2
Why do peole talk sh1t about Audiobahn Immortal serisAudiobahn#11
Amp for 2 12w3smo1
GasJames Longo3
Should I buy this?Jacob Clabaugh1
Amp for a infinity 12.1dNick Shoe8
Ordering today, need helpEric Sony14
How Many Amps?Daniel LeBlue6
Displacement of a V-Maxnick2
Please help. I need people's opinions on the best subs!! Help!!Subfanatic60
In need of sub box suggestionsnick4
Fried Voice Coilsdonny keen4
How is this Hu????Jeff Loughrey10
Rather than looking for the thread...Jeff Loughrey3
Kicker or alpine?Stan Wojtalewicz10
Audiobahn Immortal Vs Re Audio X.x.Xnick5
Need help with amp/sub question?Nick Shoe14
Re HCRoger O2
Amp Sub Box for $500-$600Shane S6
Thanx help yalldonny keen5
Rattle inside the sub and ?s bout amp doogkie2
Is there a really big difference between the kicker L5 and L7 models?taylor175
What subs do i need?basslova2
A little help please please!Erik Ramirez4
Hey Mrs Longo.....basslova4
Rear View Mirrorbasslova2
18" soloXbasslova3
Infinity SubwoofersNick Shoe4
All SO-CAL forum memebrs!!DR MAX2
10" brand names..helpdonny keen4
4 ohms to 2Subfanatic8
Power for Pricedonny keen6
Wow... amazed and yet dissatisfied...Jonathan86
4 15" dual 2 ohm atlas subwoofersJacob Clabaugh5
Rockford FosgateSubfanatic23
AMPLE AUDIO!! check em out!!joe shlub1
Explorer door panelFishy3
Is this any good?>aaaaAaaaaaaaaA8
The New type Rnick3
OH johnny boy!Subfanatic28
Subwoofer enclosuretaylor172
Better bid on this...pretty cheap!Brian P Jackson4
Need better SQJ.W.16
Profile amps good or EVIL?Wahl7
Cut off frequenciesPoint785
Brahma Or X.X.X 15" Amp? Grr..Subfanatic7
Sick of all the sub comparison threads?DS9
How would you wire 2 dual 6 ohm subs?Kenny3
Help me plz ima noobsean2
Dual 4 ohms to dual 2?Anonymous3
Is kove audio a good brand?Anonymous1
Actually porting a boxchvyzl114
Hopefully My new Sub.......Rob Fox8
Go-Kart projectEric Sony10
Ever happened to you?nick8
Everyone watch my videoSubfanatic2
Amp helpSubfanatic2
My car does tricks HAHA..does yours???Subfanatic6
Other Cerwin Vega sub models??John McCourmik1
Best Sub brandsJ.W.3
Help picking systemSubfanatic38
Anyone on here have aim?Volvo 2NT8
I'm going to Best Buy, and was wondering if I could get...Volvo 2NT22
Sealed or ported?MO4
New Adire BrahmaKnacko3
Subs not pounding?Subfanatic10
Picking The Right 15". Whats your take?Joe Smoe4
Trying to build a boxnick2
What's the best waynick2
First sound systemnick6
Alpine decisionEric Sony16
RPM gauges?Subfanatic21
MTX 9500 INFO!!!!!Subfanatic14
Is 200 enough???Darren T Wojtowicz6
Soul Planebasslova3
What's the best waytaylor174
4 SALE! brand new never used stinger 1.2F cap... chrome and blue w/...Knacko14
Jonathan..let me get this rightBlair6
"JL Audio 12w6v2" VS. "Kicker S12L7"Jacob Clabaugh6
For saleRob Fox5
Is Audiobahn any good?nick31
What would you choose, two 10" W7s or one 13" W7. with two 500/1 am...Joe Smoe11
What size of slot port boxJamie Ivester2
Selling some decent car audio....MO1
How are these?slm14
What amp to buy???Jeff Loughrey2
How would this soundbasslova5
Pros & cons btwn having 3 13w6v2s(sealed) or 2 13w7s (ported)...Trevor Eaton5
Bigger alternatorjames baker3
Do i really need one or not????Darren T Wojtowicz5
MA audio ???taylor173
Eclipse Ti EnclosuresSubfanatic16
Are the Alpine type-X bad subs?Nick_sq11
Tahoe Sub questionNick_sq5
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