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I just got new infinity kappas but i cannot figure out how to get the front door panels off my 1997 explorer.. anyone know? thanks.

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i also gots a question lol...wat would give good sound quality and spl for an extended cab chevy colorado...my budget is about 2500 to 3000 bux

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I have a '96 sport and you have to remove two screws in the arm rest, pull out the lil plastic door lever cover plate, carefully "pry" off the door skins at the bottom and sides, and then slide the thing up a couple inches to clear the groove next to the window as well as a rather fragile plastic clip located right next to side mirror(careful, I broke one of these :P). You'll also need to twist and remove the small light socket towards the rear and unplug your power mirror switch if you have one.

The bottom and sides are attached with those lil white ribbed "posts" or whatever you call them. There's a special tool used to remove them, but I used a flat metal pry bar(for separating bee hive supers believe it or not) and a flat screw driver. Get both as close as you can on either side of each post in beteween the skin and the door and gently pry up.

This is the non-pro method. Jonathan, Glass, or someone else could probably suggest a better way.


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