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How about Alphasonik Amps?matt1
Which amp would i need for two 15 in power acoustik fbx-15 substimjamestabor1
Question on home audio?(Glass,fryguy,anybody with experience)AHMER KHAN5
Amp is killing batteryEric Sony14
Mtx 342 and mtx 801Dlucas beckner6
AMP............NEED HELPChris5
comparing 2 ampsJohn Smith8
Have Kenwood ampJohn Smith20
Amp q: impedanceJonathan Cook4
Amp on ebayGlassWolf6
Enough power...?GlassWolf3
Voice Coilslucas beckner2
Will i need an Alt upgrade ?morphine7
Alpine Amplifier doesnt workandrecarrijo1
5 channel amp???GlassWolf2
Not amp/climate controlGlassWolf4
Name a amp for this eclipse subGlassWolf4
What Amp To Power My He2's?taylor173
Tell me how you like my setup ( Glasswolf and others)GlassWolf7
Low pass on head-unit or amp?????lucas beckner6
How about Alphasonik Amps?Richard Hassler2
///ALPINE MRD-M501&TYPE RDamien Roberts17
Right side output doesnt work HELPHunter Warren6
Glasswolf.... could you please help me out?John Smith6
Noob that needs helpJames Longo34
Amps that use + or -GlassWolf6
Glass I need HelpGlassWolf21
VR3 300.1 ampJonathan3
Best Performance of my EQUIPMENTGlassWolf5
Kicker 600.1GlassWolf3
Amp QuestionGlassWolf5
Looking for amp to power two subsxxmdfmkxx1
Jbl are they really goodJeremyC2
Figuring out what kind of amp - newbieJeremyC6
100A not enough?GlassWolf9
High output alernatorsGlassWolf2
4000W or 2400WJeremyC18
Whats the appropriate amp? Arc? Zapco?GlassWolf2
Amp Smoking! reasons why?lucas beckner3
Fuselucas beckner2
Amp qustions plus car laptoplucas beckner3
Amplucas beckner2
Us acoustics?lucas beckner7
Pyle PLA1085lucas beckner3
2 ohm optimized 1 ohm stable....what about in between?j-dub dub3
Rockford fosgate subsxxmdfmkxx2
Question for Glasswolf:GlassWolf2
US AmpsGlassWolf2
Eclipse HO alternator?GlassWolf2
Audiobahn flame amps any good?erik42
ADAM KELLER.......djeter1087
What should i get?GlassWolf3
Good or notGlassWolf6
Help, My amp shuts off when I turn up the sound level.GlassWolf8
Ma audio....good brand?GlassWolf11
Amp or sub more powerful?Oleg Ni15
Bridging 4 channel amp to 2 subsBrad Stinson1
Still have amp problemBrad Stinson9
Problem...James Longo9
Class bd ampGlassWolf5
Senor glassGlassWolf2
??? for glasswolf...Connect amp to sub???GlassWolf2
Clean sub, fair price, any suggestions?Oleg Ni6
Class T amplifiers??????Isaac6
Amp ClassGlassWolf3
Amp not puttin out.saltystix1
2 AMPS to power up 3 subsGlassWolf3
Cold A Mich WeatherIsaac9
Does phoenix gold make good amp?James Longo2
Best amp for my JL'sJames Longo5
Multi amp to single subOleg Ni9
How long do i have b4 my alternator goes outSleazyBig slim6
Bridging an amp to connect a sub and a set of 6x9'sAdrian Emmanuel1
Best amp for alpine 12" subsBluntman4209
Audiobahn A8000T question...adam keller4
2 channel amp to sub???James Longo7
Phoenix Gold AmpJames Longo9
Amp settings James Rouse36
Longo-got info on sub and amp...adam keller1
Wiring amp to sub?James Longo2
Orion 3002 2channel good or bad? HELP!!! ASAP PLZ.James Longo3
Amp to sub problem???James Longo2
Is performance teknique good?adam keller2
Need help with amp...adam keller1
Fuse boxsteven macleod1
Looking for an ampChris13
400 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohmsryan wett8
Which AmpOleg Ni4
4 ohms 2 ohms 8 ohms? HELP!justin case6
How to put 2 AMPS TO POWER UP 3 SUBS?Jairo Lemus1
Still shopping for an amp for comps!!Nile D. Brooks1
Stuck in protection mode...someone break this down step by step...p...Isaac8
Distance from Cap. to ampIsaac9
Fuse problemIsaac2
I've got a question for glassOleg Ni5
Subwoofer wiring recommendationsOleg Ni2
Amp and sub setup?Oleg Ni2
Amp for High'sR1rider6
Help PleaseJames Longo4
What amp to use for infinity components?taylor173
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