Tell me how you like my setup ( Glasswolf and others)


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Ok, im getting a soundstream Van gogh vga600.2 to push 2 Alpine type r 10" subs. The subs are 300 watts rms each and the amp puts out 300 x 2 @ 2ohm rms. So they match fine. The subs will be in a sealed 1 cubic foot box per sub. The cd player i will be getting is a Alpine CDA-9827. Tell me if this is a good setup. I will also be upgrading hte alternator. I will be using a 4 guage power kit. need recommendations on which 4 guage kit to get. Thanx

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sounds nice. I use stinger wires. they are fine.

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sounds good to me man!

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Registered: Dec-03 has good amp wiring kits, and pretty affordable, too.
rest sounds fine.

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So are amp wiring kits only for the amp or also speakers? I was looking at the 4gauge complete amp wiring kit from the above link but if I get that do I also need to get other wires to connect 2 subs to the amp?

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I got the 4 gauge kit from KnuKonceptz and it comes with almost everything you'll need.

4AWG power wire
4AWG ground
RCA cables (HU to amp)
12AWG speaker wire (12AWG)
fuses and terminals

all I had to pick up was a couple extra terminals and another fuse (mine came broke)

I think it's a great wire kit and had no problems so far...and you cant beat(i don't think)the price! (~$38 shipped)
...some good quality stuff


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their kits include the speaker wire, a fuse, and connectors.
when I ordered mine, they generally have what I need unless I want distribution blocks to split to multiple amps. All I order separately are additional fuses in the specific size I need for a given system. I try to match my fuse ratings to the peak continuous current draw of the system when I wire it all up, just to keep tolerances tight.
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