Best amp for my JL's


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i have 2 JL w3v2-D4's they sound great. i have had them oh for a year or so. anyways they are running on a piece of sh*t vibe amp. and they distort when i turn the volume up cuz the amp is a piece. i was looking into geting a JL 500/1 amp and was curouis if this was a good choice?

i also wanted to know what the difference between amp classes where (a/b/d) ?
...also im running them in a cab of an s10 if that makes a difference.

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JL 500/1 is a great choice. It should push them way way better than the amp you are running now.

A/B amps are full range. They are not very effeciant, yet they produce a cleaner sound than a class D. They basically take the analoge signal that your rca's input and amplify it before sending it to the speakers.

Class D amps take a signal and reproduce it at a higher wattage. Since they reproduce the signal and don't just amplify it they tend to distort from the original signal. Thats why they are used for low frequancy. The distortion that they do introduce isn't as noticable by the human ear at low frequancies. Their advantage is that they are more effeciant than a class a/b, and not as expencive to produce.

That is a real basic explination. Glasswolf and Jonathon have writen post that go way into more detail. If you would like some more info check out this link.

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sweetness this helps a lot. one more thing.. alought the amp i have now is a 4 channel 600 rms. bridged. will the jl which is 500 rms run the subs louder? i heard it was rated at some 733 rms or something? thanks again

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JLs are underrated and the vibe amp is most likely overrated if it is what you say..."a piece of sh*t". it may say 600rms but it could only be doing say maybe 300rms. that JL amp should easily push about 5-600rms.

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The JL amp is far superior to thats VIBE amp. You will notice a huge difference in the SQ of those subs. A 500/1 is a perfect match for those two subs. I highly recomend the switch in amps. Also you normally dont want to run subs off of a 4 channel amp.
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