Amp not puttin out.


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Ok... well I sent an amp back to MA Audio because I believe it was fried. It would play two subs at half the volume as if it was only playing 1 sub.

So MA Audio shipped me a brand new amp, similar to the amp that I had, just a diff model and a lil weaker.

Anyhow.. The problem is that when I have 1 sub on, it sounds normal. But when I add the other sub, both of them together arent as loud as if one sub is playing.

I checked the RCA's and they seemed to be fine. I tried multiple ways of hooking up the sub amp. I directly connected it via rca's into the HU and it still had this situation.

I dont think it is the HU, because I use that same line for my speaker amp and there is no problem with them. From my speaker amp (mtx) I use the sum out or sub out... whichever it is called, to hook into my sub amp (ma audio).

So I really am stumped on this one. The amp works fine in bridged mode too. Like before, when both subs are on the amp, if you take one of the RCA's off the amp, it plays the other channel at regular volume. I have the subs wired up to each sub has its own channel. So the ohms are matched up right with the amp.

Thanks in advance!
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