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Almani and BlackmoreJeff Loughrey2
Wiring (again)Jake Davis3
Alternator ?taylor174
Glasswolf or someone...Joe Dirt4
EQ software for car Audio or hardware.Land1
Good How To fiberglass link or refference manualLand1
Alpine SWX-1242D Type X 12", or kicker L7 12"nelson8
Mounting amp on enclosureZepp4
What amps are you running?GlassWolf3
Help PleaseAnonymous30
Porting placment....Justin Lawless1
Need some help on my wiring Dustin T R.5
???Stan Wojtalewicz7
What does everyone think of this?Jonathan9
Wiring helptaylor172
Alpine or adire??taylor177
Which sub....!?taylor172
Orion h2... good deal??Joe Dirt3
RE Audiotaylor175
Most spltaylor175
Orion H2 10" Subs for $199tafkam1
Silicone to use on boxAnonymous2
A Question about my systemDustin T R.1
Infinity Reference 1230wAnonymous3
Polyfil an volumelucas beckner7
SystemDR MAX17
Info on Infinity BasslinkGlassWolf2
Help needed!Oleg Ni2
Any thoughts on SPLW12 subs?Willie t1
(Remake) Help Needed!Justin Lawless3
2 or 3 15" to beat 4 12" kicker cvrj-dub dub22
What is a 15" x.x.x capable of in a sealed box w/ jl 1000/1???lucas beckner11
Best setupmichael langley3
Help needed!Justin Lawless1
JL 12W6v2James Longo4
GLASS please read.....DR MAX1
Designing box for AW1208T 12" 3000watt subJustin Lawless1
Sufficient power?sublime4202
Box Volume?sublime4203
Anyone here going to CES this year?Hunter Warren5
Aye yall would think 4 re mt's hit harder then 158 Slap Johnson4
Help with setupAnonymous5
Help out a noobfor shizzle5
New guy hereHunter Warren8
Elemental Designs 13Kv.2 VS. Infinity kappa perfect 12.1D??????Anonymous2
OPINIONS on eD 13kv.2 Subwoofer PLZ????????Anonymous3
Wire thickness???Hunter Warren7
Question about a sub?Hunter Warren5
JL 10W6v2 vs JL 12W6v2JeremyC6
Type Xsub man1
How do the 10 inch w7's compare to the 12s or 13s?????????????JeremyC3
Can I have your oppinion on my setup pleasemartin kerr4
Whats the deal?GlassWolf5
Quick Question!Jeff Loughrey6
Underpower subsJeff Loughrey4
Powerering sub helpAnonymous6
Subs,subs,subsJeff Loughrey8
Sub BoxOuttaNine9
Sub help...Hunter Warren20
Whats better?timothy pardella1
State of the Union lol or i guess my systemerik3
Speaker WireGlassWolf3
Best of the BestGlassWolf3
Brahma question!!Anonymous3
What would you rather have?GlassWolf6
Polyfil ?bret mizera9
Cerwi Vega 124Rotoboter1
JL or FusionDan K5
Cerwin VegaInsane1 me pleaseRichard Hassler1
Need Help selecting ampAnonymous4
Comparable Subsd1slocate7
Good setup?koz5
Why the hating on Audiobahn?lucas beckner8
How do i clean my subwoofers?Pharoh5
Wire help!Anonymous6
Which amp?sublime4206
15" X.X.X Subwoofer questionAnonymous3
Quick question, please help!colby horvath2
Basslink TGlassWolf6
How do I hook this up?Chogle1
Alpine vs. pioneerjosh walton3
Will 2 koda 10's fitR1rider1
Opinions on adire kodaslucas beckner3
Alpine Type EPropaganda133
Difference in sound?? koz26
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1lucas beckner9
Dual 2 ohm or dual for ohm subs with my amp??????j-dub dub2
Stupid question?sublime4207
Eclipse subsJonathan2
Good sub?Jonathan15
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