What does everyone think of this?


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I wonder if it really works. Testimonials can be decieving.

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Sounds like a gimic.
"will make an 8 sound like a 12"
"will make your 6.5 sound like you have a sub"

I just don't see how thats possiable. No 8 inch sub can move the air of a 12 with the same quality build. Nor could I see 6.5s replacing the need for a sub.

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I wonder if it really works. Testimonials can be decieving.

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Try the in car demo to see how it really works.

Possibly could boost the bass? Clean it? Don't see it doing anything a good HU wouldn't do. Perhaps it's like a nice low-pass filter? NO way it can make an 8" sound like a [12"-15"]

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Haha, yeah right. Gotta be a gimic. I have heard of boxes making small speakers pound, like the 6x9 in a snailshell box. But these are just signal processors. There is only so much a speaker can do, no matter the signal going into it.

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i dont understand what they are trying to say...i mean...if you have stock speakers that are made of like that paper crap....isnt that just going to tear your speakers...and how can it replace a sub...id love to see the 6.5 speakers with that in a sub contest LMAO....its gotta be a gimic..speakers arent built for pushing and moving to much air

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Really, since they claim no bass boost, and no other forms of boost, or added excursion or distortion of the driver(assuming they live up to what they claim) the only thing I can think of that they can tinker with is acoustic phase. The best case scenario with this processor would be a bass response similar to headphones, where you'd hear the bass, just not feel it such as you would with a good subwoofer setup.
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