Can I have your oppinion on my setup please


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Hello all, I have been playing with loud music as long as I have had cars but everything I have learned is just trial and error and I would appreciate some constructive comments on my install please as I am sure I could improve it.

I have a panasonic cd player and changer 4x40 rms connected to a maystar 400x4 rms, this is driving 2 pioneer 7x10's 120 rms on the rear shelf and a spl 10" sub dual voice coil 800 rms, I have bridged ch3 + 4 on the amp to drive the sub in series, it is in a mdf box I made which is the full size of the boot, approx 3ft x 2ft x 2ft with 6 ports 3" dia, I didn't know what size to make the box so I made it as big as I could.

and a 120 x2 rms amp in the front driving 2 x 120 rms pioneer 6x9's mounted in the footwells

It is realy loud with tons of bass up untill half power then the bass will drop off as I reach max volume but there is no distortion in the mid range and trebble just a loss of bass at high volume

Any help very much appreciated



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well, chances are your amp could be shutting itself down at high power because your changing system cant supply the power it wants to it goes into protection until it can reach an amount of power that it needs to run.

Just a ?, whats with the odd sized speakers in the rear shelf, just what it took?

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the sub also may be reaching peak output. it's not the greatest sub, so depending on power and enclosure it may just be reaching peak at half volume.
if gain is set too high the amp could be entering protection due to clipping too.

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Went with 7x10's in the rear shelf because I thought I would get slightly more output from them rather than 6x9's, the rear shelf has been made from mdf to give better sound rather than cutting the cars original shelf, plus when I sell the car it wont look any different from an original Fiesta as all the bits I have added can be removed leaving no trace

I will play with the gain settings and see what happens, It's not 2 bad as I usally listen to the stereo on half volume as full gives me a very bad headache just before I go to work

having someone smash into the back of my Passat a few days ago didn't help my headache ether.

Will have the fun of dealing with insurance companys shortly!!

Thanks for the quick reply
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