i need a few honest suggestions/comments. i have tha cash to chose between ---2 RE X.X.X.--2 JL 13W7--2 KICKER L7-- 2 BRAHMAS-- 2 ECLIPSE TI'S----
I listen mostly to rap/hip-hop. wich of these subs would you recomend. I like deep low bass (i.e. Lil jon)please elaborate i little on your sub of choice. I'm lokking to beat pretty much anything out on the streets. thanks

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i would go with any of them except for the L7s if i went kicker it would be the solo X's. but the X.xx is a great sub and so is the brahma. the eclipse is a bit more i believe but still a top of the line sub. you could try the re mt. its for spl only! its loud. i would more focus on the box, because any of the subs will hit. the right box is the key. and make sure you have a big enough amp(s) and an upgraded electrical sys.- alt, amp wiring and battery.

I'm aware of the other prts that need to be adrressed. i dont want to sound like a di(k he4d but addrees the subs only please. thanks a lot hunter but what do you mean by "the eclipse is a bit more" is it a better sub than the rest or is just more expensive?

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Username: Hdubb

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more exspensive. im just letting you know. go with the re X.XXs or if you can the MTs. the X.xx has 2 more mm of xmax than the brahma.

is this it?no more suggestions?.....c'mon now......

ok here we go.
digital designs 9500 series
eclipse ti pros
re mt
audiomobile 2010
mmats juggernaut
brahma extreme
adireaudio talmult
orion h2s
rockford fosgate t2
treo ssx
id max v3s
memphis mojo
cerwin vega stroker
i know there are more i just cant think

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If you got the cash, go with the Eclipse! There is no real reason, but people say that it is a toss up with re x.x.x

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the x.xx, brahma and eclipse Ti are your best bets personally, its all personal preferance at this point....take your pick cuz either sub will definatly move some air...
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