Polyfil ?


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Hi all

I have just finished building my first car subwoofer box and heard that polyfil stuffing can help give a better sound.

Is that true?

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Makes my boxes sound better. Why though I don't know.

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did for mine.
but expairment, find out foryourself.
Wal-mart has a 2lb bag for $7.
i used a 1lb per cuft.
others will tell you it will make it feel like its in a bigger box. seince I dont have a 2nd box i wouldnt know.

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polyfil should only be used for a sealed enclosure

the polyfil makes the box seem like it has a larger volume than what it really has and is used to tune your box...how or why this happens, I'm not totally sure of

I have a sealed 2cu ft box and it was recommended that 16oz of polyfil should be used...I used the polyfil and I think it sounds great!

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I know you use it to make a smaller box seem bigger... Kinda a fix if you screwed up dimensions... Maybe glass can tell you more scientifically why it does what it does.

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it slows down the air waves been sent to the back of the box, making them take longer. thus, it seems as though the box is bigger because it takes the waves longer to get to the back of the box and back.

at least that's my take on it :-P

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yes but adding polyfill isnt always a good thing because pollyfill decreases the amont of low hz output but increases the amont of hi hz output for a person that likes deep low basslines and extended bass notes this isnt a good thing but the good thing is it only alters the levle of output by 1 or 2 dbs wich in most cases u wont even kno the diffrence so in car stereos polyfill really doesnt do much it is meant to be used in home stereos that are specificlly tuned hi this is because they are running off of 8 ohms not 4, 2 or 1 ohms like car stereos do in that kind of aplication the sound diffrence with polyfill and without would be alot more noticable

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can decrease db, but can make sound better.

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yes insome cases this is true every subwoofer and box reacts diffrently im just saying on avrage but yes it can help the sound in some cases
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