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Jl audiotracy4
Anyone ever heard of matrix??trevor foster1
Surprising enough....Jonathan3
Newbie got his knockStan Wojtalewicz10
Custom Boxes for 2001 Grand Am SEDnizzle2
Audio catalogs???trevor foster1
145dB w/ could i do this?kickercomp8
GlassWolf help neededits_bacon128
This kid at school is braggin about his (2) P2s and autotek amp......its_bacon125
4 ROCKFORD FOSGATE HX2s for saleJeff Loughrey3
Car audio sites?Andrew4
Explain plzMike52119
Type r's to hit mid 140's?????????Rob3151
Was i fuken riped off jon doe6
JL Audio W7Wahl6
Common chamberMr_Kebo1
What would be your dream system?Jonathan31
Stereo Store Prices ..... Crazy zacdavis~2
Here is a link to some of my rides zacdavis~1
How can i tell from a W6.v1 from an old W3?zacdavis~3
Stupid question, but not sure...Bryan B4
10" Rockford Fosgate DVC Need Help *NeWbtaylor173
DB question, how many is this????taylor174
Box HelpTJ Smith3
Loaded enclosure question rockford mtxerik5
What is best?MadFatChickKiller11
2400 watt ampMike52114
10s or 12basslova3
Amps for 2 phoenix gold xenon 10'sbond..james bond2
CNY SOUNDOFF SIGN UPS FOR SPRING 2005.......Bluntman4203
Brahma and rf t1. t1 better i i dont think sozacdavis~25
Which Type R subsBluntman42015
Need Help!!!AndOne3
Dust capBryan B2
Adire Brahmas sealed or ported box?Mark Ali6
Any help or advice appreciatedMike52114
Yo Jeff Mike52118
Too much power..??Jonathan5
Front fill question..ryan c.6
When subs are wired together and one blows.. is this usually the ou...Sean Gallagher7
Quick ? for anybody who knows about subsHunter Warren6
Sonoma Setupbasslova9
Hi Output Alternator - question for GlasswolfGlassWolf4
Hey GlassGlassWolf3
How know what ebay sellers are legit and don't have their friends p...xxmdfmkxx16
Where to get re or bramah subsHunter Warren3
2 10's kicker comps HELP!matt778
Pioneer or FusionJeffrey D4
Triangular boxAnonymous1
150w for 300 rms ok?michael langley6
Type r's amp helpG.O.D.7
Diamond Audio TDXdat3
Sub Box QuestionsJohn Smith7
QuestionJeff Loughrey2
So i want to port this extra sub i have..its a 15" Kicker Vr comp 5...Sean Gallagher1
So i want to port this extra sub i have..its a 15" Kicker Vr comp 5...Sean Gallagher1
Can you beat the w7 8" sealed for sq and splGlassWolf12
[Your Help Needed] KICKER KX 1200.1 Mono Block Amp GlassWolf18
L5 or L7???basslova3
2 Brahma 10's Sealed with 500 Watts each, dBs???123451
ConvergeJake Davis20
Subs subs subs....DR MAX3
Is it possible to make a sub box out off welded plates of steel? GlassWolf9
Aperiodic enclosures - what are theyGlassWolf3
Adire Brahma sub and Arc Audio ampcoola3
Amp questionIsaac2
Infinity vs. AlpineDamien Roberts27
Adire brahma/ re x.x.x. - a good amp to push thembasslova9
Audiobahn AW1205Qbasslova7
Check this out!!!koz2
What 15" should i getnonymous2
Sub wiringOleg Ni7
Kicker L5 with 460 watts - wiring questionrick2
Please Help with sub choice *NewbStan Wojtalewicz3
Amp helpIsaac12
Wiring JL Audio W7, Please Help!Anonymous3
Wat sub is better?trevor foster3
Louder --at 30 hrz or 58 hrzGlassWolf5
DB meterGlassWolf3
US Amps 3000 for sale.Land4
Resonnant FrequencyGlassWolf3
How long did it take you to get your subs?Hunter Warren2
Best shallow subs for a reg. cab truckkevin kerston1
N E one plz????Hunter Warren2
Sub position??Jeff Loughrey2
Jl audio w7Daniel Knapp5
Wiring questionstjohnboy00005
Please help with sub configurationEric Eck8
Subs?Brian Hassell3
Is this polyfill??Anonymous4
What system to get to reach around 150-155db in escalademo13
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