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It took four hours, but the cc guy got my stuff right. Two infinity kappa perfect 12s and a infinity mono amp. OMG it is bangin, it sounds so good. Question how loud should I play them until they break in? i don't want to blow them. Note: my amp is only up 3/4 of the way.

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the gain ? if it is its to high!!!

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The amp gain is not suppose to be set higher then 1/2 for reasons that im not able to explain but someone elso can.

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Some guy at circuit city set my amp all i said Im a newb. It might not be the gain, Im not sure. On my cd player I have subwoofer control, I set that low.

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Scratch 3/4, I think it is only 1/4 of the way.

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newb...set it yourself....turn the gain all the way down and start playing your music at the volume you usually play it at. then go mess with the gain and turn it up until you start to hear it distort. then set it a little lower than that and youll be fine.

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1/4 is fine.
I wouldn't turn it up really loud for at least the first couple weeks of use.
that should be enough to break in the speakers

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Sory to post in a nother thread but it is kind of on this topic. Is it better to use no gane on the amp and turn the sub controles up in the head unit, or use som gane and turn the sub controles down?

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The gain and sub controlling in the headunit are two completely seperate controls. Gain really doesn't have anything to do with volume. Hey GW, you should just save a description of the gain to a text on your computer so you can just copy/paste it whenever someone needs the gain setting information lol

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Yeah I hear about gain set up everyday it seems!!! =)
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