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One of my subs stopped working the other day. I am not great with electronics but i have watched one of my friends put in my and a couple of my friends subs so i had some idea of what i should check. I checked every wire connection including unscrewing the sub and checking inside the box. I checked all of the wires and messed with all the controls on the amp/deck but one sub still doesnt work. I then switched where the wires connect with the other sub to check if it was the amp not powering one of the subs. The other sub worked no matter which side it was in leading me to think it has to be the actual sub or the wire leading to the sub that is broken(sorry if this is kind of confusing). One sub is working perfectly normal while the other one is completly silent, not even vibrating. I thought if it was blown it would make at least some noise but any help is greatly appreciated as i paid good money for it and need it to work!!!!

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i'm gonna go with either... A: You cooked the voice coils..... B: You somehow obliterated the motor or.... C: You may just have really bad subs...

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well if one works and the other doesn't, it doesn't take a genius to conclude that it's fuked up man. Does it emit any burnt smell? and while u were "messing around with all the controls" did u touch the gain? because if u did u should put it back the way it was so at least the other one doesnt get messed up. Or in that matter maybe that was your problem in the 1st place, your gain may have been set to high.

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by the way how long have u had this system?
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