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Star Wars Baby Boom coming soon!Andy Summers15
Cruise MissileAndy Summers4
"Supergirl" region 2 DVDAndy Summers7
Apollo 13 special edition region 2 DVDAndy Summers1
Aeon FluxDrew23ski30
How do i transfer video from Analog cam to my PCBerny2
Twentieth Century Fox introduction sound!Andy Summers1
Accelerating Bass at "Terminal Velocity" region 2 DVDAndy Summers3
*Batteries Not Included region 2 DVDAndy Summers1
How can I produce a demo DVD for Audition?ailsa0104
Kathy griffin cracks me up..www.FtaLife.com3
Overrated (actress)www.FtaLife.com30
"Flight Plan" check list cabin under pressure www.FtaLife.com8
I'm Tired of Modern Movieswww.FtaLife.com12
Upcoming movies during summerwww.FtaLife.com19
The Decentbassman35
80'S MOVIESwww.FtaLife.com6
War of the WorldsBerny39
War movies1movibuff52
PROBLEMS WITH USB camcorder, help please!!!Berny2
Jill Valentine Berny31
Best demo movieBerny10
Emotions in surround Berny3
What are some good/famouse movie lines?John Doe96
Heights of illusion with Rain effects!John Doe6
Documentary on the unknown Klaus Nomi John Doe4
LOTR The really extended editionJohn Doe5
He was a contender......John Doe3
Anyone Not Impressed With King Kong?John Doe7
Worst sounding cinemas in Westover Road, BournemouthJohn Doe8
Harold & Kumar go white castle .........John Doe10
Big Trouble in Little China John Doe5
Morbidly fun and most effective to get rid the bugs in your houseJohn Doe2
Recommendations???John Doe4
Bloodrayne is out on dvdJohn Doe4
Silent Hill???John Doe12
Transformer?John Doe4
"Guess the movie line" John Doe210
Raiders of the Lost Ark 25th Anniversary today 12th June! John Doe5
Munich Inspired by true events!John Doe2
Underworld: Evolution JBL Just Bl00dy Loud!John Doe6
Fast and furious 3John Doe65
TV/Movie producer Aaron Spelling dies .........John Doe6
Harry Potter and CastJohn Doe68
Underrated (actress)Edster92221
DVD Burning Helptalib7
Movies or Music of the Night (no pics please)Art Kyle338
How loud was that scream![...Rovin...]5
Cryptic Film Title!Berny8
Favorite Movie Quote?Stu Pitt38
Star Wars DVD's are missing Dolby Digital 5.1EX trackAndy Summers17
TRON...ahead of its time? (poll)Chauncey Brown12
Final Fantasy Advent ChildrenBerny6
Overrated (actors)Berny49
When Rambo meets Tyler Durden...Berny4
The Return Of The King - Dolby and DTS comparisonsBerny2
ALPINE SPS-171A's in rear window shelf ?!Berny2
Brokeback mountain-2Anonymous6
THX moviesBerny19
Ghost Ship !!!.......* Rovin *9
Testing movie DVDs & musical CDsAlan Grant5
Return of the KingJohn A.29
What would you do?Alan Grant2
Shrek 2Chauncey Brown21
"Scenes From A Marriage"---wow, wow, wow!Anonymous2
Needed to create a decent soundtrack!!!Chauncey Brown3
Dead or Alive (2006)Chauncey Brown4
War of the, Water pistols?Rovin13
Laurie Ann Gibson - Breakin it downOshoirie Barnes4
Monsters!Big Tuffy22
Now THIS is one movie I'd LOVE to see!!!Edster9226
Fantastic FourAndy Summers13
The Muppet ShowAndy Summers2
Fog of WarAnonymous14
The LFE test....Andy Summers7
Pauls Movies last nightPaul1
Gunner Palacepaul poe1
'Star Trek' star James Doohan diesAndy Summers1
Ongoing MOVIE thread (no pics please Andy!)Edster92228
A Day Without a Mexicanchandu1234
MOVIE CLUBAndy Summers2
Movies of the night...that DON'T S U C K!!!Andy Summers288
Raiders of the lost ArkAndy Summers2
Tuesday night 'IN' at the movies.Andy Summers6
MTV Movie Awardsallison1
THX cinemas in the USA and world wide what do they sound like...Andy Summers1
Upcoming dvdsSem6
GloryAndy Summers1
Spectresorlando jones1
ReconstructionJames Guller1
The MightyBritish Power6
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