Tuesday night 'IN' at the movies.


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chamber music, anyone??
LOL......I think not!

Tonights movie of the night was MIB. Definitely worthy of being a new classic.

Sorry, leave the 'chamber' crap in Neverland, and I'll stick with the blockbusters.

BTW, I watched MIB2 on TV just the other night in HD on CBS, and I was shocked that the soundtrack rocked like you wouldnt believe. I figured it would be watered down. Needless to say, it's been awhile since I've seen the original, and tonight didnt let me down.

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Get you and you movies somewhere else, you really get on people's nerves.
We don't care for big explosions and stupid movies...MIB give a break now I can clearly see where you come from.

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Nobody cares about unregistered losers opinions.

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You reply to every one of those posts so I guess you do care. but it's ok I wanna be a Man like you so I will register. LOL

On the otter hand I have come to enjoy your posts believe it or not ! When I read them I remember my 4-year-old nephew, you almost think the same way he does only he sometimes shows a little bit more maturity!

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I guess it figures that you're a kiddie without his own family to discuss.

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Hallo there


Go for it Zorro

Hay Zorro don't worry I'll back you up on the front line and the last line of defence,

It's Rebel without a clue AKA Paul, the attention seeker
The attention seeker.

"I'm not an attention seeker"
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