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So I have my new HT room all done. (Denon 3805, Panasonic S77, Panasonic AE900 projector).

With HD on the horizon, I'm wondering if this is a foolish time to be buying & amassing regular DVD movies - only to find them near worthless when HD does come out.

What do y'all think?

Alan Grant
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Hi Carl.
From what I gather from magazines and other media, HD is supposed to match DVD for quality. My question is, though, how can a satellite/aerial/cable signal be better than an actual laser-contacted DVD? As we all know, the earth's atmosphere is unstable. Anyway, I have been buying a lot of DVDs myself, but to be honest, I am not really bothered about HD TV and what it will mean. I don't think that they will stop making DVDs, but I can see what you are saying from a money perspective (apologies if I am wrong on that one). Myself - I have:
Panasonic 28" Tau Widescreen TV
Philips (can't remember the model) Digital AV receiver (speakers and the rest)
Pioneer (model? arrghhh) DVD player (round about £200)
IXOS (top end) SCART cable
QED optical digital output cable
JVC cable wire for all speakers
IXOs subwoofer cable
Okay, a very modest setup, but I thought I would share it anyway.

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