THX movies


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I have a few THX movies: Star Wars, Alien, Aliens, Terminator 2, Titanic, and Tombstone.

Anyone else here have their favorite DVDs with THX quality

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Toy Story
Little Nemo

monkey man jack
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The Emperors New Groove
Toy Story 2
all 3 Indianna Jones movies

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King Arthur

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Pretty much any Pixar movie. And Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Don't forget Independence day,

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Hears my run down of THX

1 THX WOW! DVD Dolby digital full
2 Star Wars definitive collection THX Laserdisc
3 Star Wars special edition THX Laserdisc
4 Star Wars episode 1 the phantom menace THX Laserdisc Dolby digital surround-EX
5 Star Wars box set THX DVD
6 Indiana Jones DVD box set THX DVD
7 Titanic THX DVD
8 Pirates of the Caribbean THX DVD
9 Reign of fire THX DVD
10 Monsters Inc THX DVD
11 Beauty and the beast THX DVD
12 Chicago THX DVD
13 The Abyss THX DVD
14 Terminator 2 THX laserdisc
15 Terminator 2 THX DVD
16 Apollo 13 THX Laserdisc dts
17 Apollo 13 signature collection THX laserdisc
18 Dante's peak THX laserdisc Dolby digital
19 Goldeneye THX Laserdisc dts
20 Grease THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
21 Cutthroat island THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
22 Timecop THX Laserdisc Dolby surround
23 Willow THX DVD
24 Crimson Tide THX Laserdisc dts
25 Daylight THX Laserdisc dts
26 Star Trek 6 the undiscovered country THX audio only
27 Toy story THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
28 Stargate THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
29 Con air THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
30 Strange days THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
31 Twister THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
32 Dragonheart THX Laserdisc Dolby surround
33 Casper THX Laserdisc Dolby surround
34 The Jackal THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
35 Face/off THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
36 Congo THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
37 Men in black THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
38 The lost World Jurassic Park THX Laserdisc dts
39 Clear and present danger THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
40 The English patient THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
41 Deep impact THX Laserdisc Dolby digital
42 Ghosts of the abyss THX DVD
43 Alien THX DVD Dolby digital
44 Aliens THX DVD Dolby digital
45 Halloween THX DVD Dolby digital

That's that so far and counting!

The audience is leistering Lucasfilm THX sound system...



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Wow THX disc is a Perfect example of showing the potential of the THX sound system...

THX rules OK....

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Speaking of which, I just picked up the Ultra, super-duper, extra special THX, DTS collectors addition "Die Hard" boxed-set today.

I was holding out for the super, super, super, duper version, but got tired of waiting for it's release so I bought this one instead.

It's MOVIE TIME!!!!!

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What's with the laserdiscs??? Do you still have 8-track tapes too? They still sell laserdiscs???

It must be a UK thing, because they tend to lag behind technologywise. You wont find any laserdiscs over here in the USA.

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Wont find any Laserdiscs in the USA, then I guess you haven't looked hard enough then, the sound on laserdisc is less compressed than DVD therefore they sound better too


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Where do you find them at???

Goodwill stores?


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Ebay, Ebay, Paul that is where you will find them at, and at the prices there been sold at mad, yeah there's a few there I'd like, dts Laserdiscs.

And some are so costly due to the higher bit rate over dts DVD's until H-DVD comes out I like to see the differences hear the differences and feel the differences as well, and I will be doing an A&B test to see which one Is greater.

Tell then we have to wait, not long now!

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THX WOW! DVD Dolby digital full

What is that? It sounds interesting...

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why do you sign some of your posts "Ashley?"

Are you now post-op or something?

I don't mean that as a snide remark, am just curious.

Alan Grant
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I really like "Reign Of Fire" - another THX movie. The sound qaulity is superb!

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I have dvd of THE VILLAGE. Its a region 2 dvd. Sounds great.

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Is there a website that deals exclusivly with THX movies to purchase??? and if so what is it.
i have a 9ft da-lite (American) projector screen surounded by 8 Jamo speakers & 2 subs, serviced by a complete Onkyo Amp/Pionee DVD Player/ etc. and a Panasonic projector in a 14x14 ft sound proof mini theatre. Needless to say i AM A THX FAN.

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good place to start.
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