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Twentieth Century Fox introduction


The Fox fan fair introduction is probably the most renowned musical opening for any Fox film since it was first heard back in the 1950's with the cinemascope format of the (Robe) over the past five decades now it has become a house hold name the introduction can be hummed, it has gone though so many changes in the last few decades with (computer generated integration) CGI with the newer 1990's version and a newer theme being added, but ever now and then the old theme tends to pop up.

Loudness variances and bass extension to the theme adds a good impact and it's one of my interests with
each one from the 1950's though to the 1970's 80's 90's and testing the length of time has made it into the 21st Century, would expect the name to change to 21st Century Fox, Somehow that just doesn't sound right.

So what I have done here is looked over nearly all the Fox titles that I have that have an musical introduction, and there are a few that don't so I have just concentrated on the musical ones. I will list the one that don't carry a musical intro just so that you know.

1# The King and I 1956,
Description of introduction
This sounded like a classical introduction with a fairly wide range for it's time, the editing of the fade out6 was spot with the theme to, (The King and I) cut in just right on cue!

Maximum SPL db peak 85dbC

2# South Pacific 1958,
Description of introduction
No sound and no Fox logo.

3# The Sound of Music 1965,
Description of introduction
No sound with the Fox logo.

4# Star Wars episode 1 the Phantom Menace 1999, THX DVD
Description of introduction
The introduction was a bit on the bright side, but still you can feel the bass in the opening.

Maximum SPL db peak 83.5dbC

5# Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones 2002, THX DVD
Description of introduction
Well might have noticed each introduction has got different sound pressure level readings, thou the opening to title crawl has got quite a bit, and mean quite literary some LFE.1 in the mix, the Fox fan fair is a bit on the weak side.

Maximum SPL db peak 80.5dbC

6# Star Wars episode 3 Revenge of the Sith 2005, THX DVD
Description of introduction
This had a nice Fox fan fair opening with a gentle slam.

Maximum SPL db peak 86dbC

7# Star Wars episode 4 A New Hope 1977-2004, THX DVD
Description of introduction
Now I have heard this type of introduction lord knows how many times and I haven't got tired of it yet, an absolute classic for this Sci-Fi classic, it fades out over the Lucasfilm logo very nicely.

Maximum SPL db peak 88.7dbC

8# Star Wars episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back 1980-2004, THX DVD
Description of introduction
This one had a bit of bass range in with slight kick!

Maximum SPL db peak 84dbC

9# Star Wars episode 6 Return of the Jedi 1983-2004, THX DVD
Description of introduction
The range was a bit bright sounding one this version of the Fox introduction.

Maximum SPL db peak 85dbC

10# Alien 1979, original
Description of introduction
This one I take it was one of the later earlier versions, thou my Fox catalogue is not as huge as my Warner or Paramount and Universal catalogue, I guess I would have to buy some more earlier Fox titles. Still it was rather interesting.

Maximum SPL db peak 87db

11# Aliens 1986, original
Description of introduction
This had a huge bottom end to it with a nice 40Hz slam!

Maximum SPL db peak 88.5dbC

12# Alien 3 1992,
Description of introduction
Now this one was (Just Bl00dy Loud) JBL, it starts of as monaural in the centre with a dry sound to it, has the intro gets closer to the end the fronts become active followed by the split-surrounds with a crashing sound!

Maximum SPL db peak 92.5dbC

13# Alien Resurrection 1997,
Description of introduction
A bit on the bright sounding side for this Fox introduction, has is most of the Alien sound effects, chilling!

Maximum SPL db peak 85.5

Well that's just a foretaste of what I have done there are more titles that I have tested, I'll post them later on, this alone as taken me a few hours to do.
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