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After hearing about the realise of (Supergirl) last month I was delighted to get this rather late arrival on region 2 DVD, realised in 1984, just when the Superman films where somewhere at there peak, until the ill-fated Superman 4 The Conquest of Peace flopped in the cinema. Well (Supergirl) also had her fair share of fate in the cinema you ether love it or hate it.

Well I don't mind when the story is good and there is a little weakness in the story, thou there added scenes do flesh out a bit more of the story it could have had a better script, but it's rather late for all that and now that the baby has been out in the big ole wide world for over 20 years where we the viewer will be the final judge of it's fate.

Picture: is clearly shape soft grain and scratches are visible, well at least I know it's film based and not some (DLP) high definition generation. Colour is natural as well as contrast in some of the darker scenes in (The Phantom Zone) where (Kara/ Supergirl) played by (Helen Slater) has been banished by the evil Selena played by (Faye Dunaway).

Sound: Supergirl was realised with a 70mm six-track Dolby Stereo A type , with (split-surrounds) (Dolby format 43), the print that was show in the widescreen format cinemas must have been a treat, thou upon it's theatrical realise I only got see a (35mm scope optical twin-track Dolby Stereo A type) version. Well nearly 22 years later it was worth the wait to hear those (split-surround) sound effects moving around the room.

The music on the (split-surrounds) is in the monaural form peaty thou because (Jerry Goldsmith's) score has some nice low end slam when it gets going.

Most of the sound is placed in the three-screen with some directional effects like doors opening and closing wind thunder and other exotic Sci-Fi sound effects that where mixed at the Pinewood recording studios by (GrahamV. Hartstone) and (John Hayward) while (Eric Tomlinson) was reasonable for the score mixing again he does a fine job at it with mixes like (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman the Movie) he is one of a kind in the industry.



Audio commentary with director and technical consultant is informative and entertaining.

Technical details

Certificate: PG

Aspect ratio: W/S 2.35:1 Panavision (anamorphic enhanced)

Running time: 111 minutes

Colour: Technicolor

Sound: Dolby Stereo (A) type Dolby 5.1 with (split-surrounds)

Subtitles: English and Various others

Distributor: Warner Bros

Year of realise: 1984

DVD year of realise: 2006


Picture 8/10

Sound 9/10

Overall rating 7/10

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How are you Ash??? :-)

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i thought that movie wasn't that bad.

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Not too well, depression sucks. But other than that I'm healthy Berny, so how are you doing?

I take it things around here haven't changed to drastically in the last few weeks?

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Well I'm fortunately immune it doesn't bother me at all I have seen it all before.

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Doing good Ashley!

How do you like my new stalker...dumb bloke can't even come up with an original name without using mine.

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Well stalking is a rather sad thing Benry, LOL it can use my name if it wants you hear me IT! You sad puppy!

This site is slowing deciding rapidly, and I get enough nonsense from other members on other forums, I really don't need this heat and you surly don't need it as well Berny, why doesn't Admin just assign a few members here to moderate the site from any future nonsense!
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