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Echo 8 help pleaseKing Tapeman5
How to differentaite b/w real & clone VSAT ultra ?DrMunna3
Dish500 and 61.5 setup info neededmark1
Best Receiver out there to buy ..LK vhl714
Pansat 2700 need antena setup info pleaseKavin Reno7
Which reciever is the best? are viewsats up and running?luqman1
New Keysdiane debreuil3
Tv tunerDr DSS3
ZeeSports working on C**lsat 6100, 7000 and 7100 receiversmickey4
Who dislikes who ?King Tapeman11
Missing Ztv, B4U and Kavin Reno10
Get channels for 110 and not 119 (LNBpro plus & pansat 3500 setup)...O.J.1
CRKT1 and CRKT2 Channel ?d s13
Bin file doesn't get downloaded on Pansat 2700 boxMR_HUEVOS10
A/r not working anymore.............dantetn21
Is sonicview hd batter then viewsat dantetn10
Nimiq2 > 82W is not working? any sug.?d s6
Rex-I satellite Receiver for Dish networkcartier12
Sattelite for Westernsdantetn2
Any fix for Ariza 700 yet ? 26-10 dn ecmmohamadikhoshshans17
Chancy 220T rolling?Joe Sceptical2
Viewsat clone safe binLuna Margarita36
Superdish users - Repoint kit 118 to get Anik/F3Sit Sat1
Pansat 2500a jtag..running wall applicationDr DSS7
C00LSAT 5000 and missing channelsNalin Nyda3
Viewsat pro is it true Gocuse1
Help Please!! Abby2
Epg help pleasebruce l15
Channel master for CaptiveWorks CW-600S PREMIUM bruce l2
Buying receiverkarkour kaka3
Captiveworks CW3000 HDbruce l5
Moved from 110 to 119DrMunna1
Chancysand200t not autorolling anymorekarkour kaka5
Clueless About Fortec (and computers)Melanie J10
When will you die?jack1
Coo sat 7000?J.3
Vs xtreame situationdantetn3
Need helpthill195110
JTAG for a FLU converted to pansat 2700thill195124
FIXING IT!!thill195135
Refurbish IPHONE needed???????????Nalin bin Nadia10
PANSAT 2700 HELPAtul18
Lost my ppv's need helpjohnny garcia3
SV4000 serial cable loading instructionlroy tipit1
Is there an Ariza file out as yet ?RTAP2
Viewsat 2000 Platinum NewbieRTAP2
What channels autoroll the keys for u ??RTAP7
Help ! pleaseRTAP2
Fixing night ridder on Pansat 2700 CloneRyerson8
Why cant i do blind scans anymore?Ryerson6
I dont have mtvRyerson6
Latest file for VS xtremed s6
No Signal on some channels. Help Wanted!!Nalin Nyda3
Need Help With Indian Channels on 61.5W Or 148WNalin Nyda10
No PPV channels on DN!!rabih abd87
Need a Little bit of helpjuan carlos acevedo5
Flash update fail............Adam Awawdeh8
This saturday boxing schedule.RTAP1
Ebays USB to Serial Cable, what do ya'll think?LK4
What receiver would you go withAbby5
The original pansat 2700a neeeeeeds help plzRTAP4
I need help for Ariza700 factory bin!!!aby4
Ariza 700?? any new bin??asp lover3
Viewsat Pro ?Tony D1
Chile TVKavin Reno3
Satellite NSS6 95.0EViswaa Dure3
Quality Signal Strength - how to achieveBob Cunk6
Viewsat platinum problemdaniel1
Which updaterTooter8
Need channel list for VS platinumCu Nguyen1
The remote of an original pansat 2500a converted to 2700 ,does not ...AV2
Accidentally Hit factory settingsPeter10
King Tapefag is over in the feedback forum blackmailing the admindantetn9
Converting a receiverAV3
Pansat 2500A Clonedantetn2
Kwik question 4 lk/nalin nyda/av/dantetn:what can we do to ariza700...Hc23
HOW TO ....dantetn3
USB adapter cable dantetn3
Dish not working ?IA5
My blind scans on 110/119 keep getting stuck....Kavin Reno5
Pansat 2700 night rider lightsAlbino Midget21
Viewsat Ultra or Viewsat ProKing Tapeman5
What is STB modelcartier15
Fox soccer channel and espn deportes down?andrew percy1
LololNalin bin Nadia1
Captain Receviers . Are they any good?? Nalin bin Nadia3
What LNB to be used for Anik F3 (118.8W)Canadian3
Coolstat loader and bin help pleaseEric Michaels4
Autofix File for CW 600Sambangisss3
Indian News Channel - Sahara News, HT....d s6
For DishNetwork Channel ListKavin Reno3
Chancy bin fluJPZ3
How can i scan to get channelsPeter1
Cable for Pansat 2700 CloneViswaa Dure3
Factory Bin and Boot file for Clone Pansat 2700harry peter4
Who's the best helper? - Let's Vote!aryan96
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