Missing Ztv, B4U and


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I have FLU and I converted to Pansat 2700 after downloaded 220 bin file I scan Nimiq1 (91) instead of 61.5 west I got all Asian channels expect Ztv, B4U and zcinema please help me

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somokano: You got the Indian channels, because you were scanning 61.5W or 148w. The name Nimiq1 (91) as it states in the BIN is MEANINGLESS. You should rename it appropriately.
I have posted above what to do the get all the TPs. You have to erase the TPs of Nimiq1 (91)except the first one. Then do a Power scan or Blind scan.
You should rename it appropriately.
The Ztv, B4U and zcinema are all on one TP and will come on a proper power scan or by specific TP scan.

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I meant, I have posted in the following thread the details.

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does any one know why zee sports not working and how to fix when i go to the channel its says something like WAIT FOR KEY ROLL but at the same time the others chanels are working fine

ihave pansat 2500 convert 2700



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Would you consider reading the post just above yours?

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zee sports is not working they have blocked the channel and in this even the original customers are affected. this was reported on this forum by Pannu and he knows a lot about asian channels.

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Daminder: This is not true. It might not be available on FTA but I am currently watching the game using ATMEGA128 card with 508 receiver.

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Zee sports is alive and well on dish. The problems are of end user fault nothing more.

You can check for yourself there are no press releases or such.


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DN Main ID- 0101 {Last update: Wed. Nov 7}

Key 00 (86):
55 51 2A A2 BE F8 FC FC 7D 80 64 6A 31 42 43 EC

Key 01 (96):
DE 72 44 D7 DD 43 78 0C 87 FA 62 90 4F 03 11 F5

DN New ID - 0106 {Last update: Wed. Nov 7, 6:09 PM EST }

Key 00 (86):
D6 9E 74 4D 0A CB ED 62 42 C6 A5 C1 AF AC BE 38
Key 01 (96):
65 84 B6 99 98 C7 84 87 D6 A1 D1 45 73 E1 F6 D0

ZeeSA: It is no mystery now. The rest of the channels on TP 12383(H) are working (ZGuj, Samay, HT etc.)
See keys above,and you will see that there is new Key 01 for the new DN ID 0106. Some of the new BINs do NOT have a place to enter these and some have.
Because of its importance today, it has been given the honour of 0106 special ID.

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Hey, Somokano
For your missing Channels 611, 617 and 619.
Scan this TP Freq.12603 (Pol.V) SR 20,000
EchoStar 3 @ 61.5W
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