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Pansat 2700A Wait for picture %Yousuf5
Pansat Bin with TIVO Qstns/Helpjust2know2
Channel MasterHomer Simpson1
Pansat 3500 sd, Viewsat Extreme satellite products. Anonymous4
Receiver gone?LK3
Mirasat 5000 Can't say1
Upload 102/101t bin into 282t bin files (Fortec Ultra)??LK8
Pansat 2700a to 2ndLK3
Black screen,need help plzpe3
SAT 5000 NO CHANNELAnonymous2
Indian/hindi channelsAnonymous8
Where can i get the latest nagravision codes for SABC1,2,3& ETVMike W Lee3
Dish Networkmy2cents11
Channel 471 (PPV Sports) on Pansat 2500alinda3
NEED HELP FOR PANSAT 2500A...???? how save the TP?linda1
Help to get channels backana7
What dish should i get if i what fta and dssAnonymous1
Best Dss sitesana21
Fox News Gone?J Pear16
BEV keys changed againAnonymous10
How much $my bucks worth8
Line # for key entry for bev and dish on cools*t 5kAnonymous1
Keys for Bell Channelsbizzy lad1
Bell channels keys for viewsatjohny be good14
Sat/bird listingMike W Lee2
DirectTV H10 - use of both HDMI and Component out.Anonymous3
Waiting for picturehelp_pls11
Viewsat 2000 Factory Default hElPjohny be good3
Pansat2700a first time mo money4
Dumb questionmy2cents8
Problems with panset 2500a N2my2cents4
Plasma EDTV and Directv (NON-HD)my2cents3
BEV!!!!Maple Leaf4
Wiring Diagram Pansat 3500devlon cowart1
Pansat Set Up GuidesIan Broomfield3
A question about NAGRAVISIoNjohn3
MikeFirsttyme Newbe6
What channels does cricket come onbaba khan8
Europian sat.. !!!Mike W Lee10
Pansat 2700A Flash via X-CRYPT Card Reader - IS IT POSSIBLE!????EYE OPENING EPISODE1
Anybody getting 799 & 802 channels?Prasanna7
Chanel list Thehitch8
Where do you get new codes as they come out?Jaime Fernandez1
How To Manually Input keysLK4
GO STEALERS!!!feasag11
Moron needs help with FortechChris Tatakis3
Any experts on setting up a 2500A???Sergio Hernandez1
Echostar X Feb.8 replacing Echostar 8ViniDomine1
Dish 61.5 echo 3geek geek2
Is there any happy user of 2300aColin2
I wanna know howFirsttyme Newbe13
Mike?Firsttyme Newbe1
Pansat 3500SD receiver at a sharp price ???Paul Friet1
Need help pleasebaba khan3
Is Autoroll Deadbap26
Pansat 2700a help, please!!!!!!LK2
USB to Serial adapterAdd_USB_option3
Fix for pansat's in about 15 minutesAnonymous67
Dual LNB Questionjack jones5
Put the new software and now does not come up, like no power any help?LK2
What channels does cricket come onAnonymous3
Cool$at Anonymous2 is it down to you all too?james millard29
Pansat 2700A,need new keys in folder or how to put keys in without ...Robert Richardson1
Latest 3500 auto roll up and runningsparkey1
Pansat 2500 Loaderjerry pollar3
Pansat 3000 Emilio1
Using old dtv dish for dn receivingwobby1
Pansat or C00lsat Help PleaseSteve Johnson5
Ariza700 can't save keyssnegovic4
Pansat 2500A Loadernonya2
Strange problembob thompson4
Scanned and rescanned Lisa1
How can I watch the Superbowl?guest toronto6
Pansat 2500 prob ....downloading imageJM2
Bin 122 last night... 3500s on/off over and over, please helpHarmony Tech5
VEB roll is instant.271 on 2500aSmellyCat6
BEV help with renovationbiggeranddumber3
Best System Fermy1
Where's ESPN?chickenegg3
Everything but ESPN/ABC?chickenegg4
Pansat 3500sMike W Lee4
Sat-Receiver-WorldMike W Lee1
Orasat v5.0 pass the testyour choice3
Noobi free to airThehitch2
Help...Setting Up an Elliptical Dish with 3 LNB's for Fortec Lifeti...Thehitch5
Pansat 2500a clone...MegaSat yt6688Thehitch3
Having trouble with ariza 700randy randy6
Still rolling?!?Simple Fix5
Easy Pansat AutoRoLL FiXWorks Great7
Pansat 3500s won't power updude york1
PPV sports?Anonymous7
Cools*at not working!Anonymous2
Pansat 2500paul2
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