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Anybody know bout these?Jmmcool2
RE X X X 12 or JL 12 W7Jonathan17
Ecliple 8102.4 10"..what is the mounting depth?Brandon Gilbertson2
Reccomend a sub...Chris Ferrell6
Question about rms wattage for subsdavids200413
Wat jl subs are these?Jonathan9
JL Audio vs. Custom Enclosure.Jonathan6
Audiobahn helpAnonymous5
VR3 15-inch 1000 Watt Peak Subwoofer ?Jonathan3
Really good setup?Chris Klein20
Alpine Type R subscarlos jason1
For Sale-401s,2 10 HE2, Boxdavids20041
How many cubic feet do you recommend in a ported box for a aw1200q?Wahl5
Understanding Box Sizesean2
Eclipse Aluminum Glasswolf...Anonymous3
Need Help Anonymous1
SQ Setup - ~$500CarlB8
Question about new set upcoryyyy2
FOR SALE: Lanzar Dual Bandpass 1200wattScott McKinney3
Need Your Guys Help with Sub Selection!Mike Loudon11
Need site...Anonymous1
SPL setupAnonymous2
Subwoofer sitesBigChris2
Box for 2 12" ShivasJohn Smith23
10w7 louder then 2 punch2 12's?marshall white5
Thanks to jonathan For his help with box sizes and qtcsean1
Power wirejacob2
Just cant stay silent on volfenhag anymoresean16
What will I hit?Matt Krupp3
Rms power questionAnonymous2
Question for more expierencedJeff Loughrey5
Shivas or Brahmasoaklandraider873
Kicker L5 SoloBaric WANT BROKENScott McKinney1
Complete SystemJonathan10
Wiring quality?Anonymous2
RE vs JLAnonymous2
RF v.s Alpinejacob3
For those who have built sub boxesWahl3
How important is dynamat?Spl_Superman8
Box Size HelpJohn Smith1
Need helpJonathan2
Hmm what encloser should I get?Anonymous2
Kicker or adireWahl9
Did i get a good deal glass jonat bacon?inprogress9
What Kind of carGrmncrsnbr24
Good sub(s) for a 1990 CRX?Grmncrsnbr3
Help with wiring 2 type s alpine dual voice coil 2 ohm (sws-1022d)...jacob4
Subwoofer Box designs? Glasswolf...Bah Dan1
Should i put my subs in the back seat?Anonymous3
Sub Impedance QuestionFormerRoomMate6
Opinions on my future set uptimothy pardella1
Good book to guide me through installationryan c.2
Pat LorenzPat Lorenz3
Is this the Right Independance?Joseph6
Powerbass ES-10DS 10"Ce12021
Rate these subsAnonymous3
2 15's max caliber ( are they any good)sean Jean1
Amp to run 2 12" adire shivasJonathan3
Something as good as a brahma 15" but cheaperJonathan24
Subwoofer comparisonGrmncrsnbr6
Wiring Question, Help Please.Crazed_Maniac3
Subs That have Sound QualityCe120211
Anybody gota brahma 15"Jonathan5
Best sounding sub for a regular cab truckScott Beckerle13
Thanks to JON,MATT,GLASS,BACON!Jonathan5
Question about subwoofer ratings...Jonathan5
Custom box for chevey single cabryan c.2
Is this worth the money?Anonymous1
Rockford question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!joe3
Is adding another amp ok just for a comp...?Jonathan5
Installing subsJohnny1
Ported boxes....Jonathan3
What subs for a reg. cab 94 silverado?Jonathan12
JL, Adire, ID, or Vega's. All out Sound QualityJonathan7
Is this a good deal?rfsubz6
Change up in speakersGrmncrsnbr4
Does any body know about memphis subsGrmncrsnbr6
What would you do with $500?adfkjhjgfhgjghjfgjfh7
Eclipse Aluminum...Please help...5
Are these amps any good?Jonathan4
New to all thisAnonymous1
I'm new to this, would somebody help me?loud and low5
I need a quickie...dillprez2
Positioning of subsdillprez5
Fosgate amp what subs?inprogress5
EVER ordered from if need all feedback on their ...Grmncrsnbr3
Subwoofer scratches! Probably bad...Dan Bah3
What should i put in itJonathan4
One IDMAX vs two RE SEJonathan2
Good setup for starters?Anonymous8
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