Is this a good deal?


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preferably for GlassWolf, or some other highly experienced reputable audio guru..well, my bro-in-law, nice guy, has a friend who wants to get rid of his audio equipment, he used it for six months then got a new car and it wont fit any more or sumthin like that, or maybe he got whipped and his girlfriend wont let him thump anymore...I say dump her!! but anyway...he has two Kicker Solo-Baric 12's with a 1200w MTX amplifier to push those, and two Eclipse Fujitsu-Ten 6X9 speakers with built-in tweeters with a 100w MTX amp to push those and a box fer the subs and an Eclipse Fujitsu-Ten head unit, all for $ this really a good deal, or would I be better off purchasing my own components. I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer, and I dont really haul anything at all in it, so space isnt a concern. I would just like to know if I am getting a good deal, or not.
by the way, the rest of my sytem will be the blaupunkt speakers I have up front, also with tweeters and the 5 and a 1/4s in the doors, so with 6 speakers and two 12" subs, it ought to do okay, right? :-)

also, if I get these speakers, then should I aim them (they both face the same direction) towards the rear glass, or straight at the rear seat passengers heads?? this is my first system, so I have no idea about placement, but I think I wanna aim it at the back, but im worried if reverberations will distort my bass a lot..I dunno, so im askin yall fer your help
thanks again, and godspeed

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It's a good deal for what you're getting, but personally I don't like any of it (my tastes) for SQ purposes, besides the Eclipse head unit.
The major investment you should make in car audio is the front component speakers. These are the heart of your system, without good front components the rest of the system will be lacking. 6x9's are bad because of the oval shape, they distort easily and suffer from uneven stress points.
Kicker L7's. Not all that great. Square subs suffer from uneven stress points, which leads to distortion. They also encounter cone flex, lead slap, limited excursion. Sound quality isn't great.
Eclipse head unit: fine. Great head units.
MTX: great amps for the money, granted there are better SQ amps out there, MTX amps are solidly built, reliable amps.
My personal preference would be a single component system up front with one or two really good subs, then the amps to power them. Like I said though, if you like the equipment, it's good stuff for a good price. If you like the way it sounds then go for it.

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i think that stuff is a really good deal ,jonathan knows what he is talking about, but this is a good price for these items

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werent the old solo barics round? he never said they were square

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If they were the round ones, I'd say jump on the deal. Not too many older solobarics floating around and they were great subs. Not a fan of 6x9's. but the ones he'd be getting are great. He can always save his money for front components.

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If the Eclipse deck is a higher end model it is worth the $500 alone! fu(k Alpine!
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