What would you do with $500?


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I already got some advice from Glass but I'm curious as to what everyone else would do with $500 for an amp/sub(s)/encloser. I have a 96 civic so I don't need anything more than 2 10s or 1 12 and I would rather go with quality than quanity(louder sound).

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how do ya like that civic by the way?
I've thought about buying one as a winter driver when I don't want to deal with teh 7mpg "economy" of my other car haha

Im in the same boat. It really depends on where you are buying from. On my system I saved 300 dollars by buying online ($1000 retail to $700).

If you are going with either 2 10s or 1 12 for the same price, I would go with the 1 12, personally. The difference in price between a 10 and a 12 is generally pretty small, so all the extra money can be spent on a better sub.

I would get an Adire Audio Shiva (~$125) with a JL 250/1 (~$340) online.

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Civics are great cars Glass. Mine has 14inch tires and it isn't great in the snow but I'm not sure if tire size or weight is affecting that. I really have no complaints, you are gonna notice a huge decrease in power. I'm not sure how many poneys you are pushing on that thing but civic's have about 117 I believe, torque is even less than that. Your car could go faster in reverse than mine can in drive. :P

Honestly though, if you want a dependable car and save a little money corollas are cheaper and if you go for a prizm (which is really a corolla) you can save even more. That is if you don't mind 4 doors. I believe prizm's are about a grand or two cheaper than a comparable civic. That is what I would buy anyways if I was to do my purchase over again.

I think maybe I'll bring this thread back to speakers now though......

So does that Shive setup sound decent Glass? I've also considered buying new components up front and an amp for them. People have been saying depth is a problem with the front door speakers but I'm sure I can cut some extra plastic away with a dremel. I'm assuming the depth is a problem where the magnet rests? What would you recommend for the components and amp? I feel like I'm being a pain by asking you so many questions but if I can get a run down on exactly what i would need to buy (cables, crossovers, alternator if I'm running two amps?). Do you think it's possible for me to ask anymore questions in one sentence? Which is better: taco bell or dominos? Jessica Alba or Britney Spears?

comparing jessica alba to britney spears is like comparing a X-x-X to an xplod lol

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