RE vs JL


With what is probably going to be a JL 250/1, which combo is better.

2 10W0's
1 12W3v2

2 RE10's
1 SE12

Someone else recently asked about the 2 W0's and the W3v2, and people responded that the 3v2 is better ,so the 2 W0's are out, but I decided to toss them in there.
I know that the RMS on the RE10's is 175, but people have been saying that thats the thermal rating, and that they should run best on less, so would the 250/1 be too much? And its_bacon said a long time ago that the SE12 would be good with around 300 watts, which is what the JL amp would put out (give or take).


SE12... but a JBL 600.1 probably won't cost much more than a JL 250/1. You should check on that.
And if you go with 2 RE10s then a 125 x 2 won't be too much. 250/1 really have closer to 300 watts, or more.
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