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Best 15 inch subs under $250?Beauhahn2
E36 sedan needs audio restorationSmith1
Need help searching sub or subs for rockford fosgate p300.1c.j.5
Crackling coming from sub..Ryan1
2 Rockford 15's PortedJustin Thompson1
Blew my subs, need suggestions on new onesKing Ranch1
Choosing Subs..please help..!!Riddler2
Please I want this code mercedes benz model be 2210 >>>next...maradonaeeeee@yahoo.1
Ohms help pleaseJameis zambrano1
Need Custom Subwoofer Enclosure Built - NYCSam1
Chad lee.. im in la. want to meet?Marc2
12" memphis mojo or old model rockford fosgate t2Cherokee guy2
JL W7 10" on 2 ohm amp?Cherokee guy1
Will this workJoe3
Rockford Fosgate P3 with Alpine MRP-M650joe durkham2
Wanting to port my box, need some advicejoe durkham3
Need help on sub and amp ohmsJoe2
Suggestions on subjoe durkham2
Professional Help Needed For Subwoofer Boxjoe durkham2
Subwoofer portjoe durkham2
Im a Newbie and could use some helpJoe2
Multiple subwoofer sizesJoe4
Critique my subwoofer set upJoe3
Treo ssi 15.22 question i need B or muddyB3
Subwoofer help?joe durkham8
Subs Not working SOSjoe durkham4
What configuration for the following pieces?weakbass1
$350 Sub Setup HelpBig dog3
Adapt car sub for home useVC232
Any good box designers left?joe durkham2
My setup I need some helpVC232
Fusing/distribution block questionVC233
With these subs what amp do i use?joe durkham2
2 12" DVC 2ohm Pioneer/RF in sep. vented boxes?????joe durkham2
I have a newbie question I need help! please. timm Muehlhauser2
Subs for HatchbackBlake L1
Adire Audio Brahma MKIMatthew Hicks1
Wich sub should i get ?mc flexX3
Cover or not to cover the dustshane1
Looking for new system leenam3
Twin l7 12" box design for a 2004 saab 93.joe durkham2
Sub box specsjoe durkham2
Subwoofers of Hyundai Sonataxehyundai4
Alpine R10 w box and Amp for saleAp13281
Dual 10sdarren.spires5
JL W6W12 Questionsjoe durkham2
2 10" mojo vs 1 JL 10" dBlk5
Do I wire in series or parallel?dBlk3
12 inch sub in 10 inch box.dBlk3
2.7 ohmdBlk2
Soundqubed vs american bassdBlk8
Car subwoofer- head unit settings advice please (slope/lpf/gain) ad...wakkaday1
Radio codejoe durkham2
Need help with Pioneer subs PLEASEjoe durkham7
I don't want another blown subjoe durkham2
Compatible speakers and amplifier HELP please joe durkham2
Sub amp combo for truckjoe durkham4
Which would be more practical please???joe durkham10
Pioneer Premier 880joe durkham6
How to wire 4 terminals with 2 wires?Bubba1
Which AMP should i buy?ahmethunter1
First car, want my first systemjoe durkham7
Vented shallow enclosure designLikibow1
Subwoofer, Tube lengt and size?Henrikz8
I want my chest to hurtjoe durkham8
Schematic/Repair Manual for Alpine PleaseYukhui1
Orion Xtr Pro 124joe durkham4
Pyle blue wave vs boss bladejoe durkham2
Avalanche daily sq buildSilver-N-Black68
Car Sub Choice W6,W7,IDMAC,Icon/Xcon ect.Ruchb911
Parallel tuned 6th orderSW91522
Amp or sub issueSW91523
Which subs are betterjoe durkham2
Should I get a Re Audio sxx10 or the Alpine Type R swr10?joe durkham3
Why is it not working?joe durkham3
Is Joe Durkham the only one who.....juliob48
Rd audio, powermasterDaniel Bonham1
Shallow mountsjoe durkham3
2000 Dodge Ext cab. + Bandpass + MMats 15" Procast 3.0Silver-N-Black3
2 alpine type r 12 inch subs questionjoe durkham2
I need BIG sound out of a small space...joe durkham6
Sub and amp questionMr. Skullz2
Sub/Amp.. Budget Build.. HelpSilver-N-Black6
Blew the kickers (thank god) now what?Silver-N-Black3
Sub input!!!Silver-N-Black3
Buying 1 15" Fi Q need help with box buildGlassWolf10
I miss all the bass I used to haveSilver-N-Black4
Buying 1 15" Fi Q need help with box buildrob1
Need help with new system for my truck!SlackinMack10
Geo Metro XCON buildSlackinMack33
Fi Q 12 june 2010 Sub Box Design helpSlackinMack6
Sundown sa-12SlackinMack8
Sub cuts off sometimes and won't turn back on for awhileGlassWolf4
Amp only pushing out 1 subwoofer GlassWolf2
What happened?GlassWolf5
Bass secrets GlassWolf5
Loud subs for the price of 350 including ampGlassWolf3
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