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Wat amp gona get me kickin..?!?jeff compton1
What's wrong with my amp...?Jonez7881
I heard zapco and mcintosh amps suck, is it true?Glasshole2
Best Subs?Grmncrsnbr7
Phoenix Gold XS VS AlpineBLADE1
GLASS! This will just be easier.JayJ9
Hopin for some help fellas, buildin ma system n not sure wat amp fo...Anonymous2
Startin ma system... needin some help wit ma amp for ma 12inch type Rjeff compton1
Glasswolf, Please helpChunky5
Which subs for my amp?Eligh3
King of ampsGlassWolf6
Which subs for my amp?Eligh1
JayJ,Glasswolf,Who makes quality amp kits???Grmncrsnbr6
Amp decision help!TimberJon1
Best you think??james guyda4
The Perfect Amp For My subsswan2
AHHH! What kit!? Quick!swan5
Best you think??Drew Klimczak1
Line Out Converter?GlassWolf4
MA Audio Amps?GlassWolf2
Wiring help for alpine type r 12's dvc 2 ohm per coilBraddon Calloway1
Help!Mike Loudon7
Little advise asif15
How will I wire these?davids20048
Wiring 1 sub to 2-channel ampdavids20043
Rusted amp terminals.smokeit10
Opinions on my PlanGlassWolf20
Need help about mtx 1501dGlassWolf7
Any kits WITH...?osc10
Amp or Sub related problem low soundPat Lorenz7
Wat amp for my 12inch type R??JayJ3
2ECLIPSE 12 TI'S OR 2 JL13W7yugeshnarine maraj11
Memphis ampDonald R4
Need help dont know what amp to getGlassWolf3
Nice amp, shame about...Pete Mallam4
Zapco Amps...what's betterGlassWolf10
Using one 12 inch brahmaGrmncrsnbr7
For the experts out there ..V3
'03 Accord Cpe EX tweeter upgradeDEMIGOD333
Eclipse 3242 4 channel ampits_bacon126
Protect modeGlassWolf5
Need some help and adviceGlassWolf2
Alpine Amp Not WorkingMatt B2
ADIRE vs DIAMONDdavids20046
Sonudstream or KickerJayJ4
Amp voltage, please helpdavids20048
Pre-Amp Volt Questiondavids20046
Glasswolf, Clarion amp any good?GlassWolf2
Whats up with this.smokeit15
HELPPatrick Lorenz2
Jbl 600.1 or kicker 600.1?JayJ6
Help wiring subs to my ampDoug3
Amp cutting in and out?GlassWolf2
Kicker or Hifonics or ?Andrew11
2Ohm 4Ohm which one????brian walker3
Is factory refurbished as good as new, or not?Skinn6
Blowing fuses w/ sony?glen willert6
Amp is either having a cracking sound or high pitch whining soundPhyscoticS1
4ch amp and sub amp wired to stock head unit????swan2
Amplifier QuestionsC. Butler17
Jbl 600.1 or kicker 600.1?jojomunky1
Square oneGrmncrsnbr9
Amp hook upGrmncrsnbr2
Problems help me pleaseJohn Smith3
Cooling fansGlassWolf3
How to wire these?!Jonez7881
Wiring 2 Subwoofers..HELP!Grmncrsnbr12
Amp Suggestion for me?disturb3d_pri3st2
Hmmm what does this do...ThatGuyYouKnow5
Please Help with Amp sizingJayJ5
Amp Opinion for Kappa Perfects?Mike Loudon7
Hifonics vs. memphisshane woods23
MTX 311D or Xtant A3001JayJ6
Amp SuggestionJayJ4
High End Auto Audio Shop in both Orange Co, Cal or Phoenix AZswan5
Good amp choice please help (Glass or Jon)???GlassWolf2
Switch Power Wire? GlassWolf2
Lights Dimming...GlassWolf24
Amp help plzGlassWolf5
Copying Sound Characteristics GlassWolf4
Blowing fuses w/ sony?glen willert1
Choice on Amps Glass?GlassWolf6
Which would you prefer?Donald R4
Which amp is best?Grmncrsnbr18
Audio art amp 400.2mark howard1
How to wire two ampsyogi gorospe3
Hummin noise.Neon2
JBL and Memphis AmpsDonald R3
Orion 2500 vs 2 jl/1000JeremyC10
Help find an ampGlassWolf5
Glasswolf; like your advice on this.Juan gomez5
Did I make a mistake ?Skinn4
Is it safe to do this ?Skinn5
GlassWolf help!!!!!!!! It's about the setting gains againSkinn5
Amp choices.....cd5209
Need box recomendationsJayJ9
Please Help!!!Patrick D.3
Amp compare: PLEASE PLEASE lookdavids20042
Opinion on infinity perfectsJonathan3
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