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I am sooo sorry guys for bombarding you with so many questions today but I just found this forum and Im about ready to call it quits trying to find the right amp for my sub (spend a week already looking and researching for one)

Ok as you probably know i have an audiobahn alum12x i couldnt find info directly about it, but according to sounddomain the new version of the alum12 has a 6ohm DVC (does that mean that each coil is 3Ohm) Im assuming that this one is the same. I am planning on connecting the coils in parallel and getting a 3Ohms... so i went on sounddomain and looked for amps... these are the choices:

1.Ultimate Digitalis dd1-1300S ???(never heard of it) but apperently it runs 900W X1 @2Ohms or 500W X1 @4Ohms it costs 191.90 including shipping

2. JBL PowerValve BR-600.1 runs 600X1@2Ohms and 300X1@4Ohms for 231.90 shipped

3. Boss IQ 680.2 which runs 680X1@4Ohms for 191.90 shipped

4. Audiobahn A8002T which runs 800X1@4Ohms for 200 shipped

Which of those would give the best output (loudness and sound squality) out of those? Or if anyof you know of another amp for under $250 shipped that would be great too.
Or should I consider looking for 2 mono amps with about 2Ohm load that give 400-500W and connecting each one to an idividual coil.

P.S. all Watts are in RMS

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What is the rms wattage on your sub?
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