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Amp cutting out?j00fek6
I need Amp advice!!!!Kevin Holden18
2 15 L7sKevin Holden4
Help Quick About to Buy!!Kevin Holden2
How many watts is it really pushingkirmoney20
What amp for two MTX 9510-44 subs juliob14
Hi input where does it gokurtis gulley3
Crunch ampsjuliob13
Is this enough power?juliob4
How to set up gain level if my car rattles mucho?/\/\ike4
What amp for these 12" kenwoodsSomeDonnieDude4
Alpine MRP-M650 protect modeSomeDonnieDude3
Modding Pre-Amp Board on MTX TA81001D...Hans Scherer1
94 Ford Ranger, where is my amp located?David Bogaczyk2
Free Air SetupSomeDonnieDude4
How people can start the engine without turning off the headunit?jesse4
Amp Killin car?Rob13
Kind of confused???David Bogaczyk6
Clarion apa 4201?Alan1
Kicker zx1000.1Mike Loudon14
Scared on installing 2nd amp on my carM.S.4
Selling my massive audio rs 100....Mike Loudon4
Eclipse XA4000Santa_Fe Man2
System Setup.. Correct???TWiZTiD3
Which amp for Alpine Type R?keith14
WHAT AMP FOR 2 15 l7SPhilllip Watkins6
Big 3 Upgrade Help?kklagge6
Amp for 2 12' mtx 7500 2ohmseric sappington6
Earthquake? Hifonics? Lanzar?/\/\ike29
Kicker Refurb?Joey DeSalvo14
Wiring 3 DVCsOptidriven10
Starsound AmpPaul Visagie3
Need help chosing an ampJoey DeSalvo5
Battery capJK3
Good amp for 2 alpine type r'sKevin Holden2
Melting Fusesqcheap10
Crunch or Sony Xplod AMPS?Santa_Fe Man12
Selling Crossfire XP7202Jon Hill2
Any help would be nice.V3g4n.Re1ch3
Kicker sx1250.1Philllip Watkins1
Voltmeter Helpkiller2
Amp for mtx 5500 or 7500Big_Edge_Head2
Need help picking out a 4 channel amp!!!Abarca7
Planet Audio....JK7
Anyone selling a KICKER SX1250.1Phillip Cun5
Amp for 15" Kicker L5Abarca9
Thunderstorm accidentWahl18
Massive RS 100 or Audiobahn a8002t for a pair of MAW 12s?cam2
2 12' alpine R subs. what amp?keith32
Amp gainI- Malik7
XTCPaul Visagie1
Tweeter suggestions ASAPkklagge8
Where did that good/bad list go?JK9
Power acustik class d amps [...Rovin...]8
MB quart[...Rovin...]8
need amp for strokerJoey DeSalvo7
Amp helpDirk6
Clipping noisegreg3
Hifonics = Real Power ??? .....Joey DeSalvo26
need amp for strokerkirmoney1
2000 wrms ampjuliob10
Different ohm loads, same amp?Isaac5
Soundstorm any goodJoey DeSalvo3
Amp wiring problemJames Longo4
Mono block amp to puch 2 12" 2 ohm kicker cvrsJames Longo2
I got a b0ner!!!!JK3
Wiring 3 DVCsNaledge5033
Will This amp power this Sub?Panamanian6
Amp is HOT!!!James Longo11
Mono amp 2 speakers and subOptidriven12
10 gauge wires?Teonna Jewell10
I have to drive w/ the trunk open!juliob14
AMP HELPtyler flurey6
Any one selling a kicker kx 1200.1 amp?Rob11
Amp comparison Ty McLOUD1
Lots of scopes!!SomeDonnieDude6
This amp ne good?Mike Loudon2
Grounding amps and capacitorsJames Longo3
Hi guys. Help with remote wirekevin poun6
Need to match amp with inside speakers I boughtCharlie Anderson5
Bass cuts in and outphillp9
Need some help on ampsjosh spivey9
1/0 gauge wireRob9
Help i now have massive ignition interferenceSpencer18
Technical Difficulties ...sqcheap7
Should i get the new amp Tim Yauch3
Need help pricing out systemjuliob5
Is a Soundstream SC40 40 farad capacitor good? for about 200 bucks??/\/\ike12
02 mustang 5x7 problem (cuts out), please help!!!!sqcheap5
GOOD AMP FOR MY SETUP.Garrick N.Y. Arakaki3
Help fixing my ampkeith4
Do you think my battery will push thisJesse D.11
Memphis 4kwTroy Jones3
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