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Ok w.echarlie5
143.8dB @ 30hz :-) ...Canaan7
Ok w.eCanaan6
MTX 7500 vs JL 12w6v2???juliob20
JUST NOTICED.....Paul Larrea25
Memphis car audioChad Lee7
Calculating Amps as in Current......Carlos Vieyra1
Orion H2 12.4 vs kicker l7Troy Stafford12
Box questionLogan2
Eclipse or Alpine??Aman Singh13
Show off songsTyrhone Marr25
Is it ok?Matthew Montano1
How much?Tom6
Please check me and make sure I'm not mistaken.Scary Redneck9
Subwoofer worth buying? 19" wooferarslan7
||\DD Install PICS/||Jordan Singleton30
Ill take a gee with the boxtimothy scott6
Good day!richard9
What ya think this is worth if i sell separate timothy scott8
||\DD Install PICS/||Jordan Singleton1
OT- CD/MP3/DVD/NAVReece Brassler11
What is a good tuning freq for the Qphillp8
Help please, need answer quickMuddy8
Big three done!richard16
New HU ?Muddy15
12 " Magnum or....Muddy57
Alpine Problems, still after i got box made.Andrizzle5
Wats it peak at?[Kéviñ_Previé]2
Help!!how do i wire 2 dual 4 ohm speakers to an amp bridged at 4 ohms?[Kéviñ_Previé]3
New System. PLease give suggestions.juliob7
Me andmy frind customized his door panelsmat dope5
How much can i get??james caroll6
Help!!!Sam lawson3
Went to comp and got meteredMike Loudon10
Another eDEAD installcharlie31
MM 4000.1 power!!charlie15
Does mtx unerate their amps?charlie13
4 10s or 2 15sjuliob10
12" Infinity Kappa Perfect - Amp?Neo42017
Help neededctmike5
I Need experts only for this question!!! LMAO-Eric-18
Fi AudioMaris38
Who has the panasonic CQ-VD7003Ublaine westropp1
NINE.1blaine westropp2
KX 2500.1 vs. Orion HCCA-D5000 comparisonGoin Deaf2
The battle of the amps!! Autotek 2000 VS. Optidrive2000dMuddy20
Which 4 by 6's?bassman32
Subs and Boxes Help.bassman32
Steven Norris' SX project (PICS)Tyler34
Can u reduce volume in a ported enclosure??Steven Norris10
Just wondering.....Wolfman10
How will this amp and sub match up for SQ?charlie5
Fi Q vs.....J@Yme38
How would these woofers compare?Muddy14
Another eDEAD installMr_Kebo1
What do i do!! help pleaseMuddy2
Ok, I need all your help!! I need opinions! Premier VS. SSX SPL ONLY!Reece Brassler20
OT-car audio magazinesMuddy2
Omg $150!!!!Muddy15
OT- ComponentsAndrew Capps2
Mp3 cutting joining programsJennifer Contreras2
Should i??? james caroll5
Should i??? james caroll1
The Perfect System!Andrew Capps28
Seriously how hard would it be???james caroll24
Whats better for meMr_Kebo11
WAY OT- my friend's on ESPN2Tremor112719
Stroker pro jbl ampnick high1
Build me a box... Lower the mag price2000CrownVicP.I.15
Somebody bid...custom TreoSean Gibson42
How BigBri An4
Need some help...bassman33
Just to prepare..i want a few opinions(everyones please.)james caroll13
OT- Capacitor InstallationKyle Atkinson7
Pink Subs?Paul Larrea18
Hey ?charlie11
Isn't ebay amazingMuddy14
Anyone familier with the Bass CD ON EBAY? WHO GOT BASS?Muddy5
Someone Muddy4
Noob question lolMuddy10
2 18" solo x'sjames caroll14
Memphis???Cody Scott Ashby6
Finishing Touch on this System *help me decide*2000CrownVicP.I.13
Box help. Mr_Kebo3
18 " AA Havoc shippingAndrew Capps9
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