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Final detition its gonna be B>G>I.lilrob1
Audioque SD2.5 12'SFrancisco Recinos1
Need HelpEddy DieZe3
What am i doing wrong!?!?! Box experts please help{}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]23
DVC vs. SVC Subs - Assistance NeededEddy DieZe7
15" wangers club #2Andrew Capps82
RE AUDIOTerry640514
Upgrading SS Rl-P Vs. FI Steinkeastg3
W.t.b MB quart Raa-1000 killerzracing711
DMM meter{}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]5
Real questionEddy DieZe18
Wireing question, will dual 1ohm - run 1ohm?impala63rag12
SPL setupbernyMAC17
New systemctmike20
Some spl subsphillp1
Dd makes mistake?richard7
HELP!!! box buildingSpLChoIce-7
Re prices pleaseTerry640511
How would these compare...thanks alotPolo6
OT-- Something to make you laugh today!J@Yme7
Help Wanted!joe blanford3
OT:Bass Song Thread..Muddy8
Serious Question...Life......or DEATH....:-(:-(:-(...Muddy121
Compare this..Muddy3
12" wangers clubMuddy29
Final Decisionderek smith20
Buying two cvx12 subs - what amp, box and how to wire rightKyle Noble1
Kicker l7 15 or Mtx 9500 which produces more spl (15inch)SpLChoIce-1
New head unit?steve1
Good deal half HOUR LEFTLogan7
Would this work help please :-)...Muddy5
Trick or treatMuddy23
I need some new subsCody Scott Ashby14
Lost, stolen, or missing wangers clubJordan Singleton9
Why do i feeel that...CarAudio8
I heardDrSmithHD37
Surgury tomorrowPolo18
OT - Box for a JL W6?Loc_out19
Ampeg? Stackn Bucks1
Need some suggestions on car speakers! derek smith21
I bought another sub.Logan7
KICKER QUESTION !*Important*!Polo12
Subs problem?!?Kyle Lindsey6
Ot-will it actually help??bassman321
Where can i find DDChad Lee37
KICKER QUESTION !*Important*!STeele1
Detection of radarChase Freeman39
Will this be loud?Troy Stafford6
4 ohm and 2ohmOscar4
Which one of these subs would be louder?FI_monkey5
Test tonesctmike10
OT>About ChauncyMuddy38
FOR SALE cheap cheap cheapChauncey Brown9
OT *Anyone have a carfax account?* If you do please help me!...Isaac W.2
OT: Halloween PicturesReece Brassler30
18" AudioQue HD3 - FYIDrSmithHD310
A tease, compliments of Trevor.Muddy83
Just Got Some Cash And Ready To Spend!Muddy27
18" AudioQue HD3 - FYIMuddy2
15 inch wangers clubbernyMAC113
Car CD Player fittings...Jeff Loughrey2
Tell me whats goodjosh27
Soundstream splLogan3
Repeat--12W6 Vs. 12L7marc9
Diamond Audio D6 vs. Diamond Audio M6MKIIEhren Bieritz1
15" DD sub questions???richard5
How do we put the sub names next to our name???blaine westropp5
OT-How Did You Find Ecoustics???Joseph Kubiak52
Out Of These Choices Of Subwoofers, Which Would Come Out On Top?Polo28
D3 sub setup, or...?grant law8
Alpine 10" Type E boxJosh Eaton4
OT getting a new altjames caroll15
Enuff space for 2 15s ?Trevor Eaton6
Setting the Gain?{}D[][]v[][]D[][]\[]7
Woofer Box...MO13
Box dimensions - sound right?drivingreckless5
12W6 VS.12 L7klez4
Enuff space for 2 15s ?Troy Stafford2
FOR SALE- one badass sub!Logan8
Jackeddddmat dope44
Enclosure help. What am I doing wrong?Trevor Eaton7
Box design questionKevin Wrubel1
I make too many topics....bassman34
What is the difference?Chris9
Suggestions on setup for my friends dadmat dope3
Lanzar OPTI 4000 d for 15" BTLmat dope12
System Budget...Chad Lee10
I make too many topics....Chris1
Good deal?richard10
Alpine 10" Type EJosh Eaton1
I have 2 rockford p3s... and audiobahn a8002t....Quick Qty mutlow9
Fultron Depth ChargeMuddy20
What would happen if ...Muddy7
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