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Yay or nay?eric541811
Hooking up a subwoofer to a wall.eric541810
Extreme indeederic54186
HELP! Quick!bassman329
Breaking in a sub??Aruman9
Need opinions on A.A. subsdavid4
Ot - priceRave'n8
Running stereo with car offSW91523
Rms...power vs. other companies?Mike1
Pioneer premier marc3
Audique vs digital designsalexTF15
OT- bookshelf speakersDustin3
Looking for the best 18 inc subWiley Wesson1
CVX ?J-Dub2
OT-18's N 20's Finnaly on my Torino killerzracing711
Direction of subssean3
Breakin subsdrivingreckless5
Speaker enclosure for 6.5 round (PSD 216 midbass only)sean5
Check my calcs?Demon Pride39
Which sub is better?eric54186
Caraudioimage.commat hooker1
Any advantage 1 12w7 over 2 12w6's?Jason Krakehl2
Any advantage 1 12w7 over 2 12w6's?Jerrod Wray1
Hooking up mp3 to HU... Need assistance.Seth Walker8
Cvr vs AssassinTrevor Eaton5
Is it possible to turn off a REM wire? no right?Trevor Eaton7
OT-Best PrankAndrew Capps90
Ready to buy just can't decide.......SW91523
PA vs. MTXJason Lamos1
Get rid of my 13w7.. what should i go with?Jay Smith22
(2) 18s vs. (4) 12sMaris6
Here is something you can do with audiobahn subChad Lee14
What subs would you buy if..James Longo4
Want to run some 18 ported withSW91523
JAMES LONGOJames Longo12
JL/SPL subs....James Longo3
SOUND DEADING?alteraudiousa4
Hey chaunceyChauncey Brown2
Awesome gamerob swingleman1
Awesome game!rob swingleman1
Cvr?Stephen Thomas Colli10
Eu-700: dual 2 or 4 coil?Demon Pride2
Subs are uncontrollableB5
Check my calculations... PlzZepcoe4
Ascendant audio vs. soundsplinterdarren munsk4
Driver Displacement -> Infinity 1230Young James4
Great new set upStephen Thomas Colli1
OK I got one for a sub spec freak. lolChauncey Brown6
$500 budget just for subs. Sq most important.Chauncey Brown15
!!!NEED HELP!!!.D.1
Re audiobulldogsm20088
Selling 600watt ampdrivingreckless7
3 sub box picsBryce Gesser15
Better sql???Bryce Gesser3
TReo SSI came in today!!:-):-)...Jordan Singleton71
Expensive SubwoofersJordan Singleton9
I need to get rid of my 2 Treo ssi's 12 chris35
Driver Displacement -> Infinity 1230Shawn M1
I need anyones advice who knows a lot about car audioShaine2
Running at 13.8 for the dd?Shaine37
Poly-fill boxes?Brandon8
What is the ultimate SQ 15?Brandon37
How would this sound?J-Dub8
I bought one!Andrew Capps4
In theroydrivingreckless8
Help me outCasey Wood19
HO alternatorsdrivingreckless7
What is the best box for the CVR???marshall white6
C'mon, wuddaya think of the Jackhammer?bassman313
Re 12.1joe8
Swr-1242d or swr-1222dJay8
Crossfire BMF VS Crossfire P1'sEddie1
IDMAX 12 D2...power hungry??????johnny lemoine3
OT - qwksrv?Simon1
#1 bass songPimp4
Where can I get a 10w7 in an HO Box?Justin Baker7
Port frequency calcuationTJ5
How you guyz think this will sound??TJ14
Subs Excursion InvertedSW915219
How would this sound?J-Dub3
Subs hitting backwardslilrob4
SW9152 Box QuestionSW91529
Running at 13.8 for the dd?Der Führer!4
A box for grand am se 96'? help??2 swr-1242's!S.P.D3
Box for 3 10sLA3
AA Arsenal subsSW91524
Break in period?TJ11
Type x, xtant x2, or eclipse 8200 12's sq?lilrob5
Please help choosing subsdrivingreckless10
My sub is making a weird noise....Stevie doo8
Good setup?mat hooker3
Which one???David Lenz5
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