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Ported enclosure for Sony Xplodjake papa3
Anyone heard of Power bass subs, amps?Josh Smith3
12" type-r setup helpchase johannsen23
System for SalePavel42
Kicker comp series subsLA3
WinISD PRO AlphaWrEaK HaVoC2
Does it matter how long the port is ?Rave'n5
Out with the old in with the new PICS!!mat hooker5
Alpine and ipod, ps2 how??????mat hooker2
Any One Lost Hearing Yet??Bryce Gesser10
Info about (2) Treo 12's and amp Zepcoe1
24"??Young James2
Zx1200 or sx1250 enough for 2 2007 l7's? system build help!!!nick6
SS RL-p vs.........MO10
With 2700 RMS ...charlie28
OT - Bragging Section AnswersMaxx11
OT- KN outerwearlil one10
OT. nba playoffsCameron35
Overrated ???? POWER ACOUSTIK ...Jb4
Speaker box idea (cylinder)SweatyOgre13
I b Havn a sub kwestion Polo24
In what range?serius7
JBL subs good bad?ctmike9
Final Subwoofer ChoicesMO4
Want to buy: 1500+ @ 2 ohmsArchie Clark5
Amp sub combinationJordan Deegan4
Box(work in progress)picsdrivingreckless14
Question about audiobahn???YAYO25
Amp for havocDustin9
GOOD BYE XXX 12, HELLO XXX 18!!!johnny lemoine11
Interchangeable slot ports...where's the post?Chauncey Brown6
Ot: watf ??? is time aligment and how to set it on a ford explorer 96killerzracing715
Finally hereMr_Kebo3
Aero portsalexTF5
A Couple of quick questionsMichael Cheatham11
Ports single or duble?WrEaK HaVoC2
Anyone a Treo Dealer or know of one?Polo42
Box For L7slucas beckner2
XXX vs CVX vs SX vs W6lucas beckner48
Stupid Question????YAYO9
Amp choice???Rave'n7
Any good 18" subs?TJ9
Adire audio brahma EXTREME????Trevor Eaton2
How does this look?Mateo10
Ot-this vs thatalexTF35
RE xxx vs. ALP type x vs. W7Andre Jamison5
Giving the sub's more power or less .Lewass4
Kappa VQs y are they better than just kappasbilly bob4
Ported boxes vs sealed boxesLewass11
OT. loud button on the HUArchie Clark25
12" AA ArsenalWrEaK HaVoC15
JL box for RE SE 12"????? (plz help)marshall white3
Ported Enclosuresmarshall white7
Treo tsx or aa arsenalJuvenile15
Shakin the Walls from the 3rd Floor!!aLeXv30516
Question for marshall and other box expertsJake Davis3
MOOOOOOOOOOOO ! look quick!Polo19
I Love You Guyz....alteraudiousa14
12" treo SSI and enclosure..Chad Lee2
Diferance between 2 ohm and 4ohm Rave'n2
What should i do? Steven Sudzina4
Can someone tell me where i can purchase re subsChauncey Brown3
Strictly SPL Subwoofers?Ruthless36
Please help me with speaker sizesColby5
Huge boxalexTF16
Sub help plzDustin3
Difference with new boxgrebnereon7
RE Audio Dealer?johnny lemoine4
New prices of RE???johnny lemoine4
OT:Why cant I download anything off of realmofexcursion ?billy bob2
Spectrum analyzerbassfishing6
Friend's Systemalgirard112
Box expertscharlie3
EclipseKyle W. Bretz1
Got pics of a XXX (05 or 06) 'em!!!chevy4life40
12" SXjohnny lemoine6
2 10" L7's n' hifonics 1605d vs. 1 12" re sx wit an ed nine.1 ...Demon Pride4
Treo products?MO4
The best looking rockford fosgatealexTF9
Ears hurting from the popping/crackling pressure feeling.No Limit11
OT: GPS systems "black box"james shlong1
30 inch subDavid West7
HELP!!! Too much power??No Limit9
2 Diamond audio d4 or 2 alpine type r's ???Casey Wood3
Woofers suck!No Limit6
sub-amp choicefbmiker791
sub-amp choicefbmiker791
Would 2 12" kicker cvrs sound good sealed??TJ1
How do I know if I'm hurting my sub?Lyndsey Welborn1
System ChoicePhilip11
Biggest Subwoofer Ever Made?Jake Davis5
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