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OHH PLZ FIND ME AN AMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pikeshp6
Will a Mono Amp go to 2 subsYoung James2
Cheap AmpHalter7
Mempis ampmarshall white2
Need HELP !/\/\ike3
A questionkeegan hendrix6
Need thoughts now bid ending soonIsaac6
How much would this sell 4systems694
L.A. Sound LagunaMark Highland5
Group Buy for RE amps????Comp982
Connecting rca to stock f-150 head unitComp985
RE SEXXX sub or RE MTIsaac4
Amp config for a single 4 ohms wooferDenis_A3
Amp trouble help!!Mark Highland2
Help me Link my two amps they are strapableInfinity Addict2
How do i hook it up?Mike D4
RCA Cables for Kicker KX 600.1...Which is better?Mike D2
LOC - Glass, Jon, Isaac, Somebody?????Comp9811
Amp suggestionsRaymond Keith Jones19
Mtx81000d?Simon J Casey4
Amp for 13W7Simon J Casey17
OHH PLZ FIND ME AN AMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROVIN, glass, marshallmarshall white15
Johnothan Isac help on ampsJames Longo12
Type of AMPAl K10
Audiobahn A800T Tyler27
Continuation: To Glasswolf, Isaac, Jonathan and all the other Pro's...97BuickSkylark3
Xtant vs eclipse amp LiL Jon60
Question about ampsnocc1n5
What amp to power 1 12" L5 maybe 2Robert2
BETTER OFF WITH WHICH ONE?!!!!!!!!pikeshp7
Amp for 2 15 inch SXmarshall white2
Help with Jensen LXA 600 amp wireingMark Highland2
To Glasswolf, Isaac, Jonathan and all the other Pro'sLand20
Amp/ohm tutorialAnonymous10
Jl 1000/1 & W7 Sub Filter settingsgaz rawly5
Will this amp work for a 10" sub..Alec H3
Cadnece ampchase vanatta3
Kicker 2500 enough power for a solo X 18?Mike Milligan11
Alpine MRD-M301 current errorStefan Ratayczak1
Help with MXA6001 ampSimon Gagnon2
Oh gosh, bass tube amplifier wiring help....prolly simpleGlassWolf6
Installing two amps, cap and distribution97BuickSkylark13
Amp problemstrnk7773
Better then jl audio e series?BIG ed4
Amp for JL W0'sBrian Woodard3
Ok, What AMP Should i Get For This Set Up?????Rovin2
Clipping questionPhil Rowley5
Need some amp help!Stereo Joe3
Xenon 100.2Robert5
"Functions of your amplifier"--Yah ok, this is all written in forei...scuba steve5
Measuring an amp on 13.8Volts Vs 14.4Volts?GlassWolf12
Bridging a 4 channel amp?GlassWolf2
Fuse Question?CarAudio3
Forum lingoGlassWolf9
Why Not Construct an Amp Yourself?GlassWolf4
Need AMP... Alex K.8
Hooking up a mono amp to 2 subs, is it possible?Mike D3
On/Off amp switchTyler Ignatowski9
Will this workRobert2
What kind of amp would i need for a 400rms subRobert7
Help please, i need help ASAPBrandon8
Xtreme 1800x Amp problemLance Wimmer1
Jl 300/2 questionMike D2
A GOOOD 4ohm and 1ohm stable 1600watt AMP!CarAudio27
JL 1000/1 and RE 12.1Tyler25
The 'New' OrionComp9810
MMATS amp, good deal?Isaac W.2
Dual coil 4ohm per coil sub setup as 2ohm load??CarAudio27
Installing 2 ampsRobert8
Bass EQRobert4
Dangers of amp under seat...mojoed5
What is the REM?howie feltersnatch3
Amp setting questiondx32v1
Amp problem!!!!Ben Samb6
Quick q? Orion or MB Q.Comp9813
Did i get a good deal???CarAudio4
How to bridge/block mono amp? need help fast pleaseGlassWolf2
Are RMS numbers trustworthy? Eclipse vs. Pio vs. PGEdster92247
Budget amp for 2 12" RE seAndy18
Opinions on Alpine MRD-M1005 From the prosJake Hill2
Relay to turn on AMPS? Glass, Jake, Muddy?Jake Hill7
Help with amp.Ben Samb5
Hcca 250rGlassWolf2
Eclipse 3242 Amp > Urgent help neededsinx1
Help on building a sub box?alejandro1
POLK MOMO C.500.1 Phil Rowley3
US AMPSRichard Lawrence7
Fan in ampmatt thigpen9
Hey everybodyIsaac2
Amp reccomendationsIsaac2
NOise coming from rear preampsTony Vincent2
Dimming lightsAnonymous12
Subsonic filterMike7
Next wave of loud car audio?Jake Hill7
Eclipse AmpsJake Hill9
Jeep Grand Cherokee Infinity Gold AmpGibson546910
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