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US Amps De-1000 questionEric Velkoverh2
Recomdations for my subthefatkid10
X-over on HU or ampJeremyC2
New set up going on protectionEric Sony2
Power inverter?Sevin73
Need some help with PG amp and ID Max 12!!Justin Bailey3
Overheating Ampkirit3
I have 2 BRAND NEW orion xtr dvc 12" ferrofluid injected subs 800rm...ron2
9 fans?Jake Hill4
12 inch BoxDonald Byrum jr2
Amp TestingDonald Byrum jr4
New systemJoe Smoe20
Kicker kx 350.2James Longo10
Car not shaking!TB44
Odd amount of SVC subsJexxen Trivic2
Amp?Brandon Marthinsen3
Hey guys new to ecostics but need some help/adviceEric Sony7
what kind of amp kit???WC2
Which amp for 2 S10L7's?Freddie VIerra5
Is this a good capacitor?WC13
Too much power a bad thing??mikechec914
What Amp Do I Need (i.e mono, 2 channel etc.)?WestParkBeast4
Kenwood ampsDUB4
Please help, 2 channel or 4 channel?mikechec92
2 channel or 4 channel?joe ruskowski3
JL AUDIO 2 12W3smikechec94
1ohm or 2 ohm?joe ruskowski9
Overpowering Subsmikechec99
Amp kit?Loc_out2
More volts=more powerTONY SMITH6
12.5v and 14.4vbassfishing2
Alpine Type - Rwonderin7
How to know how many Volts your HU puts out?Georgina butch3
Whatch thinkkklagge4
Kenwood vs sonyJexxen Trivic2
Fuse questionDUB11
Amp for atlas's Nick T6
What Amp!!!??Isaac Weissenberger2
Bad amp or subs?Jexxen Trivic3
My new system... thoughts?Jake Hill5
Highest turnover - subs or amps?Jake Hill5
10s or 12s??Jake Hill3
One channel blown?Harrison Martin3
Factory Amp (amp bypass)Dan Van Sant6
2000 watts at 2 ohmsJames Longo17
4 ohm load James Longo4
Triple Fiberglass EnclosureTB2
Boston accoustics amps and subs - as well as jbl power seriesJames Longo2
JL ampStevie doo5
Jl to be in circuit city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...subcrackheadfish7
Hifonics or kenwood???Matt Ferbend2
Amp kicks out when car is running and when volume is turned upGeorgina butch15
Ampcharles deckard3
Cadence am i gettin a good deal here?bassfishing1
Xtant 1001 sellingSubfanatic5
PPI pcx 2400 vs jl 1000NiteScort2
Best AmpAnonymous17
My AMP is SMOKING!!lee bolwerk6
Amp smoke...??lee bolwerk7
800W RMS @ 2 Ohm Amplifier Brand Quality Best to Worst?Isaac Weissenberger15
Dynamat. is there any thing else?scott DeBaker7
Input Sensitivty (v)Isaac Weissenberger3
Any1 Recommend Amp For Jl 12w3v2???Lenny4
Very Tough question for the Smart guys out thereThomas Craig11
Ok, TWEETERS I need help!TB5
Can this amp do it for me?Donald Byrum jr3
Back in Black ampHarrison Martin3
Need help choosing AmpAndre McCarthy10
AmpDonald Byrum jr2
Back in Black ampHarrison Martin1
How About An Amp For Mids And Tweeters??Larry Melcher1
How good is VOLFENHAG product??TB2
2 12's and amp combo??? help?mikechec911
How long do subwoofers last?Jexxen Trivic2
Please helpBrian T.4
Quick questionWC3
Bridging or mono amp.. wats betterJexxen Trivic2
Pioneer or Sony?Jexxen Trivic2
Pioneer ampdoyouknowhowharditis6
Problem with amp powerjonathon haselden11
FOR SALE PPI PCX2125adam pitkoff2
1997 Mustang Svt Cobra Mach 460 Audio Questionron5
PPI and Orion Ampsron1
Power protection comes on and dosent go offdisturb3d_pri3st6
Broken amp for sale.....disturb3d_pri3st3
Please I need help!!!disturb3d_pri3st5
Is this true?disturb3d_pri3st3
McintoshDarren Dodd1
Mb quart amps....Jexxen Trivic4
No Power To My Amp?jonathon haselden4
Alpine V12 Amp problemjonathon haselden3
Amp problems please helpjonathon haselden7
Remote Wirejonathon haselden5
I Need Help With My Ampjonathon haselden2
Fultron memphis belle ampjonathon haselden1
How to install capacitorFishy19
14.4 volts questionJames Longo6
Hows this sound for a new systemjoe ruskowski6
Mtx thunder 81000d ampzinge5
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