Highest turnover - subs or amps?


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Just wondering, people who go through lots of car audio setups, do you find the amps gets replaced more frequently than the subs or the other way around?

Just curious, I would think the subs would be changed more often that the amps... since it is easier to hurt a sub with and amp than and amp with a sub...

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i would have to say the same thing since an amp "should" only quit working if you wire it wrong and fry the thing like i did. haha it stil worked even though the board was black i was suprised then i did the same thing ( you think id learn) and it melted haha

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The vibration of the sub alone makes it more vulnerable to failure than the amp(unless of course, you have your amp mounted on your sub box, which is a good indication you're going to get amp problems first).

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had a 15" jbl blow because of a bad transistor in my RF some years back. around their initial appearence in crutchfield.
then had a bad RF 400a4. would boost the signal to the left ch periodically (randomly) and eventually blew my RF q series components. It seemed like a DC surge or something, but it was seemingly completely random. still baffled about that one.
I believe RF is back to making quality amps now though.

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I've done a "few" setups in my day. It's usually the subs. People get wild and blow them. If it's distorting, turn the d@mn thing down! If it's not loud enough, get something BIGGER!!!! When I set things up, I usually get an amp that will power the subs without working too hard, but I've never blown a sub! Just gotta know when to stop turning the dial.
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