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An amp to compliment Nakamichi CD-400Justin Peterson1
Polyfill for sub boxWC5
Scheamatic for kickerAnonymous1
Any possible way??Isaac14
Amp settingsAudioFreq5
How do you set the gainAudioFreq2
Could i get a list.....lee bolwerk1
Recommended monoblock 150-200w amp for JL 6.5'' sub?Isaac Weissenberger11
How to hook 2 subs up...Dan Goodavish1
JBL px300.4 vs. Hifonics tx8805 ?? help me choose!Aaron Hobbs3
..<Sale>.. US Amps USA-2000x ..<Sale>..TraGedy16
Alpine MRD-M605Stevie doo3
What do i need to run a 1200-1400w amp?Tim4
Isaac and Glass....starting a new system, wandering if on the right...Rob contemplating25
Isaac, need advice please.Isaac2
Clarion APA4320: good/ bad?swimr3845
Amp for boat with limited power?Chris Newman1
Is it possible to bridge 4 channels to 1?nick_sq11
OZ Audio Amps???Dave1
Kicker reviews plz?!matt hamilton2
Wiring amp to 2 Atlas 15"dustin pettit5
Amp suggestions? Shawn1
Amplifiers bo ellis1
What is the amp rating on...Dan Goodavish1
Help me select the right amp!Dan Goodavish2
4ch vs 5chTim5
Which one?Dan Goodavish1
Polyfil with right volumeFishy6
JL AudioIsaac Weissenberger5
Orion 2100 HCCA ENOUGH POWER????lotus2
Too many voltsAnonymous3
Infinity 310aShawn M1
Getting no output please help!howie feltersnatch2
MA Audio HK1000Dlotus2
Just noticed something oddDan Goodavish3
New to the class D...Danny H3
Glasswolf? Remote Wire?Isaac5
Dead amp?name1
Major Help!!!!Jake Keller5
Next step....Tim2
What type of amp should i buy?BEISCHEL11
Kicker kx600.1dustin pettit3
Hows this for an amp?Tim8
Fosgate vs soundstreamTim43
Amps: quality vs. quantityTim3
Amps and wattageTim2
Wiring capacitor, Battery, and choosing?Tim4
How to mount Audiobahn subs!??!Tim5
Fuse size: N/A ?Tim5
Wiring mono for 2 ohms?Tim11
Xx colossus!!Tim2
Amp still runs when car and deck is cut offTim4
Like many, I need help please. Tim12
What makes a amp 1 ohm stable?Tim5
Having trouble wireing my subs....almost done.howie feltersnatch16
Very Annoying Bass ProblemIsaac6
My upgradeLuc Perreau3
Protection Mode...ProblemoDanny H6
Good or bad ampTraGedy4
Harrison Labs Ampron1
I want to know if the alphasonik amplifiers are goodDave3
1990 civic advise.NERD4
Boat StereoChris Newman1
ED 9.1 Vs hifonics bx1800dCyrus2
How do i run 2 amps???!!scott DeBaker3
HiFonics?"??????scott DeBaker2
Amp\Sub questionsronald green3
Grounding an ampTraGedy4
Amp selection for 2 Re XXX 15'sTraGedy4
Good amp on ebay?Anonymous1
On/off switch for amp? how? on power lead or remote line?lukasz S6
West Coast Customsbasslova4
Audiobahn A8000T vs. Kenwood KAC-9152DTim20
Amp rms-how does volume affect?Fishy13
How 2 Install 4 Channel AmpFishy9
Overpower or underpower? Glass/Sub/Isaac, HELP!Tim Kerr5
Using high and low pas filtersTim Kerr3
Amp for a 15" atlasDANNIIIEEEE1
PLZ help....Wiring 2 Amplifiers together!?!?!?!Tim Kerr2
Using rear speakers as input for sub amp?Biggs1
PHOENIX GOLD Octane-R 8.0:4 ChannelTim Kerr2
Emergency help!!!!!!!Tim Kerr5
Over heating ampFishy6
Wiring a 4 Ohm DVC to a 4 OHM VCTim Kerr8
Best AmpsJonathan7
Can I push 4 (4-ohm)speakers with a 2 channel amp?Fishy7
Ohms?lucas beckner7
Remote Wire Hook upTim Kerr7
Screw downs?Brandon3
Bad Interfire?Brandon10
Which amp.....?!?!?!?!lucas beckner15
Amp for Atlas 15"Fishy7
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