What makes a amp 1 ohm stable?


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is it beefier wiring methods? or what? completely different thecnology?

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to go along with this, what makes it so its stable at 4 ohms bridged, but not 2??

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Sub, when you bridge a two channel amp, the amp actually reads half the ohms. So when you bridge at 4 ohms, the amp actually sees 2 ohms. Most 2 channel amps are only 2-ohm stable. So if you hooked up a 2 ohm load to a bridged amp that is only 2 ohm stable, the amp would read 1 ohm and not be able to handle it.

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Amps shut off normally when too low of an impendence occurs. If they dont have this feature and you dont have enough air flow, expect a fire, and or a fried amp. Seen it happen early 90's with my bros car :-( . Most amps will auto shutoff now tho, unless you get a generic amp. but hey most of them shutoff auto too.

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Read info on ohms law. Physics. I love it. lol
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