What do i need to run a 1200-1400w amp?


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i have a stock 2005 gmc truck and i want to run a 1200-1400wrms amp in it. what would i need to run one and have little or no dimming?

i already have like a 180A alt and a 1.2farad cap that i got of ebay, but i need to know what size wire and wether or not i will need a second battery.

i will be running the 1200-1400wrms amp to 2 12's and i will also have about a 200-250wrms amp running my mids and highs.

oh, and i've been reading the forum recently and saw that you guys really like old school orion amps. so i'm thinking about either one of those or something like a kicker or audiobahn 1200-1400w.

what do i need to power this stuff?

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from what i have heard you should be alright with a 4 gage wire, as far as a second battery i doubt it, the power cap should take away all the dimming problems you would have. ask far ask amps im not that good with them

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Id use 0 guage. Why limit power. If you got the money for the truck go for some good 0 guage. So if you ever want to upgrade further you wont have to redo power cabeling again. A second battery isnt a bad choise either. not a necessity, but still, it helps with the power drain. Say you have your ac on, lights on, any screens maybe, both amps, ignition, coil, Yea thats alot of power drain. Now do you see why i say a second battery would be a good idea. But you you are on the ight track with a sic system. Just make sure you have enough power goin to it.
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